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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - the Good, the Bad

I just find Kingdom Hearts Re:coded totally addictive! For a DS game it is the best game I've played on the system however I am not sure about 358/2 Days. I love the difficulty of the game and the length of gameplay for it and it is surely something to play for a good month and a half to complete 100%.

However there are one dislike about it for me:

The first is about Avatar mode. The online should be more better like in Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. On that the online connection goes up to the country however Re:coded has a connection of your room. Because of that you need another DS and game to play online. You can't even do DS download play! I haven't played a single game yet because of that.

Even worse they have a trophy for it which is impossible to get for me so I can never get all 30 trophies. Its a big shame. And a Overclock Limit can only be obtainable by Avatar mode so I can never complete my collection.

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