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Keyblade wielders, cloaked foes, lovable creatures, and legendary heroes unite! In celebration of the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 ReMIX-, we put together a huge tournament. Pulling in 64 beloved characters from Square-Enix and Disney, and putting them in the ring to duke it out for title of champion!

Who has the upper hand? The brute strength of Terra and Hercules? The magical spells of Aqua or Malificent? There are plenty of interesting match-ups set, and your vote will decide the winner. Remember, sometimes it takes more than just strength to win a fight! Only the best of the best will make it to the final round, where the best of Square-Enix and the best of Disney will face off for the ultimate showdown.

Be sure to vote in each bracket, and see which characters will square off next!! Don't forget to let us know who has your vote in the comments! Let us know your favorites to win!

Square Enix: Round 1 / Round 2/ Round 3 / Round 4 / Round 5

Disney: Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3 / Round 4 / Round 5





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