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To help celebrate the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, Wikia will be piecing together a fun personality quiz for some of the main characters of Kingdom Hearts. And we want to ask for YOUR help in making questions for the quiz!

There quiz has an outcome of 5 different characters, including Sora, Kairi. Riku, Terra, and Aqua. Tying in questions or answers from the games is highly encouraged! Submit as many questions as you like, and they may be featured in a site-wide quiz that all users on Wikia will see!

Question Format (Example Question)

When you enter into battle, what is your strategy?

A. Utilize my strength and magic equally (Sora)
B. Play a support role (Kiari)
C. Use my speed to dodge and find chances to strike (Riku)
D. Use powerful, heavy strikes (Terra)
E. Cast offensive and support magic (Aqua)

Thanks so much, we look forward to reading your questions!

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