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  • Sharpshooter45

    Imagine if they made a movie out of the second Kingdom Hearts game. All I've got to say is... IT WOULD BE GENIUS!!!

    The reason why I said the second game and not the first... well, the voice actors are getting older... you catch my drift. But it wouldn't be in real life, it'd be animated like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Oh, imagine the art! *falls over*

    Anyways, here's who I would pick for the voice of the characters

    Sora: Haley Joel Osment

    Riku: David Gallagher

    Kairi: Alyson Stoner or Adelaide Kane

    Donald Duck: Robin Williams

    Goofy: Dave Coulier

    King Mickey: Michael Sheen

    Xemnas: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Ansem: Ian Bohen

    Xigbar: Tyler Hoechlin

    Xaldin: Jensen Ackles

    Saix: Jamie Campbell Bower

    Axel: Taylor Lautner

    Demyx: Dylan O'Brien

    Luxord: Gideon Emery

    Roxas: Jesse …

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