A little fact's about Sora

His name is Sora, wich you will  find out  in the first kingdom hearts video game Kingdom hearts 1. He is the main character in most of the games. In the first game he is in, you will find him on a island called Destiny island. In the beginning he is in a 'dream', where he needs to chose wich powers that are important to him. This you can chose for yourself. He then wakes up from his 'dream' looking up on Kairi. She is one of Sora's best friends along with Riku. He has been best friends with Riku and Kairi since he was a small boy. He lives on Destiny Islands with his best friends Kairi and Riku, and all three of them dream to venture from Destiny Islands to find out what lies beyond. 

Age during the games

In birth by sleep He is four years old. Sora is fourteen years old in the beginning of Kingdom hearts 1 and also in Kingdom hearts: Chain of memorises. He is sixteen during Kingdom hearts: Dream drop distance,( wich is a bit werid beacause he is looking like he did in the Kingdom hearts 1 , it is just that he got some new clothes. ) 

Home land Destiny island
Role Keyblade wielder

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

A cheerful, energetic little boy.

He and his friend Riku always play together out on the island.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

A boy chosen by a strange sword called a "Keyblade." After his island home was lost to the darkness, he joined forces with Donald, Goofy, and Mickey and saved all worlds. All these adventures were carefully recorded in Jiminy's Journals.

Inside the datascape generated within the computer, a digital version of the real Sora (Data-Sora) quests in our hero's stead.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

A boy who wields a Keyblade. He has used its power to save the worlds from crisis more than once.

Now, he has agreed to take the Mark of Mastery examination in order to retrieve a new power.


Sora is very skilled in various basic magic spells (such as FireBlizzard, or Thunder), even more so after training with Merlin. These spells allow him to weaken Heartless that are more vulnerable to certain elements. He can also use Cure to heal himself and his allies from injuries as well as restore HP and revive a fallen party member.

In Kingdom Hearts II, his basic combo is much stronger and he gains the Drive Form ability after obtaining new clothes, which give him more mastery over his strengths, speed, magic, and Keyblade. In addition to the abilities that each form grants him, Sora's speed and strength are also increased.

In Kingdom Hearts II, he learns to use Limits with party members to form a strong, special type of attack which takes all of his MP.

With a summon gemcard or charm in hand, Sora learns to the ability to summon a specific character and temporarily aid him in combat. Each character has a special power that makes them helpful. He first learns summon in Kingdom Hearts when he finds Simba's gem after his world was destroyed and brings it to the Fairy Godmother, who helps restore his spirit form; and then, he gathers five other summons, two of which did not start as summon gems.

He loses all of the summon gems when their true forms are restored. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, he learns to summon using cards instead of gems. In this game, he can use all previous summons, with one addition:Cloud. In Kingdom Hearts II, Merlin gives him a summon charm that allows him to call for a specific character to aid him. Then, he locates three other summon charms that allow him to summon more powerful characters.

A few examples of his superhuman abilities are listed here:

  • In the Deep Jungle, he has shown great durability when he falls a great distance and crashes headfirst through the roof of the treehouse, emerging alive and uninjured, but slightly dazed. Similarly, when Saborslashes him with his claws and knocks him back into a wall, he quickly gets up and fights back.
  • In the Olympus Coliseum, he has shown to have incredible strength when he is able to lift up crates and barrels without showing any limits due to the possession of the Keyblade. Sora also often overpowers opponents much larger than himself.
  • He can either glide or actually fly, the latter of which only in Neverland, the End of the World, and the final battle with Ansem.
  • He is capable of leaping incredible distances, such as jumping up to the ceiling of the ballroom in Beast's Castle and between buildings and Xemnas's two cannons in the final battle with him in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • He can cut through solid concrete and other durable forms of matter, even whole buildings.
  • He can either teleport or move too fast to be seen that he when using the "Warp Snipe" reaction command, the Teleport Sleight, or Final Form's Final Arts.

Sora also seems to be capable of bending the universe's laws of nature to an extent:

  • His memories seem to bind every character in the story, connecting them to himself in some way.
  • He is able to pour almost all of his power into his Nobody, Roxas and Roxas's imperfect Replica, Xion, at the same time.
  • A picture of Sora in Kingdom hearts 2( Yay;) Really awesome game. Enjoy meeting Roxas. Damn it! I cried when he ****. Sorry, cant tell. You just gotta see the movie, or play the game for yourself. I'll give you the link:-D                                    )

Well here was the first part of ; A little fact's about Sora;) See you next time.

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