Alright, everyone, listen up. Seeing there are only seven playable worlds in Dream Drop Distance, this development as begun to make me think about the overall chances of certain worlds making it into the game. If Square Enix is smart, then the worlds will most likely have an aesthetic balance, or something along those lines. For an example, Castle of Dreams and Dwarf Woodlands, though having a similar theme, placed more emphasis on a particular aspect of the level. Just like how Speed Highway and City Escape placed more emphasis on the nighttime, New York-like skyscrapers and the San Francisco-ish buildings respectively, Castle of Dreams place heavy emphasis on buildings, such as Prince Charming's castle and Cinderella's house, while Dwarf Woodlands placed more emphasis on the more natural parts of the world and dungeons, like the forest and the Evil Queen's castle. Enchanted Dominion placed emphasis on duality, with the forest in between Maleficent's castle and Aurora's castle acting as the boundary between the two. But I digress.

As stated above, their are seven worlds, and six have been confirmed already. Here is the list of worlds so far, and their themes:

Traverse Town: city-themed level

Symphony of Sorcery: music-themed/random-themed level

La Cite des Cloches: medieval-themed level

Prankster's Paradise: carnival-themed level

Country of the Musketeers: Disney-themed level

Tron: Legacy world: computer-themed level

And then there is the last level, the one that hasn't been confirmed yet. Chances are this world has one of four things: a level like The End of the World/The World That Never Was, a level that Square Enix has been trying to add for a long time, yet another highly requested level, or a level with a gimmick. Here are the worlds that could have a chance of being put into the game:

1. Jungle Book: It's practically gospel that the Jungle Book has been in Square's sights for years. They have been trying to add this world into both KH and KHBBS and both attempts were failures. Could this be the next world? After all, its presence wouldn't be redundant, and Square could finally implement this world into the game.

2. Black Cauldron: This one is surprising, considering that few have heard of it, but this world has been heavily requested by those who know about this movie. But what would it add? What would the level place emphasis on? The dark castle of the Horned King? The home of the witches? Who knows.

3. Dinosaur: Yet another highly requested world. This one comes with a potential gimmick, with Sora and Riku as dinosaurs. The world itself would add much to the game and would lack repetition, but would the gameplay work? Maybe. Maybe not. If this world is in the game, then we'll just wait and see.

4: The Great Mouse Detective: A sewer-themed world could definitely work in DDD, and the fact this world is heavily requested makes the inclusion of this would seem highly likely. But will it happen?

5: Toy Story: This is a fan favorite, and it has been requested for many years. In fact, Buzz and Woody were almost in KH2FM as summons! Combine those two facts and you get a possible world.

6. Marvel: Ever since the buyout, people have been cautious regarding Marvel characters being in Kingdom Hearts. If there was representation, however, the ones that would work best are either Thor, Dr. Strange, or Spider-Man. Do you think it could be possible?

7. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Now this is a surprise, one that will throw gamers for a loop, and add a water level that might not take away from the gameplay of DDD. Admittedly, this world has a ghost of a chance at this point, but you never know. Sora fighting a giant squid seems like a dream come true to me.

8. Original world: It seems obvious that the world that is coming up next has the strongest possibility of being like End of the World or Castle Oblivion, where it is meant to house the final battles of the game. Seems logical to me, right? Or there be a twist this time?

Type in what you think. I want to read what you think about this.

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