• ScorpionTail

    The Last World in DDD

    February 10, 2012 by ScorpionTail

    Alright, everyone, listen up. Seeing there are only seven playable worlds in Dream Drop Distance, this development as begun to make me think about the overall chances of certain worlds making it into the game. If Square Enix is smart, then the worlds will most likely have an aesthetic balance, or something along those lines. For an example, Castle of Dreams and Dwarf Woodlands, though having a similar theme, placed more emphasis on a particular aspect of the level. Just like how Speed Highway and City Escape placed more emphasis on the nighttime, New York-like skyscrapers and the San Francisco-ish buildings respectively, Castle of Dreams place heavy emphasis on buildings, such as Prince Charming's castle and Cinderella's house, while Dwarf…

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