These are my ideas for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. Sora,Riku and Kairi will have playable stories and have diferent keyblades and abilities, fight different bosses and visit different worlds with different party members.


Sora's Story

Enchanted Dominion(Sleeping Beauty)

Kuzco's Empire(The Emperor's New Groove)

Monstropolis(Monster's Inc.)

The Underworld(Hercules)

Radiant Garden- 100 acre wood(Winnie The Pooh)

Disney Town

Timeless River(Steamboat Willie)

Incredible Town(The Incredibles)

Pride Lands(Lion King 1/2 and Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)

The Mysterious Tower(The sorceror's apprentice)

Castle Oblivion/Land of Departure

Destiny Islands

The World That Never Was

Twilight Town

The Keyblade Graveyard

Riku's Story

Kuzco's Empire(The Emperor's New Groove)

Enchanted Dominion(Sleeping Beauty)

Christmas Town(The Nightmare before Christmas)

Olympus Colliseum(Hercules)

Radiant Garden- Jungle Book(The Jungle Book)

Disney Town

Timeless River(Steamboat Willie)

Maleficent's Dungeon

Pride Lands(Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)

Mysterious Tower(The Sorceror's Apprentice)

Destiny Islands

The World That Never Was

Twilight Town

The Keyblade Graveyard

Kairi's Story

Enchanted Dominion(Sleeping Beauty)

Kuzco's Empire(The Emperor's New Groove)

Far Far Away(Shrek) - Need replacement

Hawaii(Lilo & Stich)


Radiant Garden

Disney Town

Timeless River(Steamboat Willie)


Pride Lands(The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)

Mysterious Tower(The Sorcerer's Apprentice)

The Realm Of Darkness

Destiny Islands

The World That Never Was

Twilight Town

The Keyblade Graveyard


Sora's Story

Tutorial Boss: Donald and Goofy

Enchanted Dominion: Prince Philip

Kuzco's Empire: Yzma

Beast's Castle: Gaston and Consumer(giant heartless)

Monstropolis: Randall

The Underworld: Cerberus,Ice Titan,Hades(with pain and panic)

Radiant Garden: Darkside,Sephiroth

The Hundred acre Wood: Shadow Sora

Disney Town: Maleficent and Diablo

Timeless River: Pete

Incredible Town: Bomb Voyage, Syndrome

Pride Lands: 3 hyenas, Zira

Mysterious Tower: Chernabog Illusion

Destiny Islands: Twilight Thorn

The World That Never Was: Braig

Twilight Town: Setzer

The Keyblade Graveyard: 13 Darkness members

Riku's Story

Tutorial Boss: King Mickey

Kuzco's Empire: Kronk(fight x2)

Enchanted Dominion: Pete and Diablo

Neverland: Captian Hook Illusion

Christmas Town: Shock,Lock and Barrel(fight x2)

Olympus Colliseum: Rock Titan, Lava Titan, Cyclopse

Radiant Garden: Darkside, Isa

Jungle Book: Thunder Lord and Earth Lord(giant heartless), Kaa

Disney Town: The Big Bad Wolf

Timeless River: The Big Bad Wolf

Maleficent's Dungeon: Pete,Maleficent,Dragon Maleficent

Pride Lands: Pete, Kovu's heartless

Mysterious Tower: Master Xehanort

Destiny Islands: Twilight Thorn

The World That Never Was: Ansem Seeker of Darkness

Twilight Town: Siefer

The Keyblade Graveyard: 13 Darkness members

Kairi's Story

Tutorial Boss: Lea

Enchanted Dominion: Maleficent's Goons

Kuzco's Empire: Cat Yzma

Far Far Away: Dragon, Lord Farquaad - Need Replacement

Hawaii: Captian Gantu

Thebes: Nessus, Wind Titan, The Godess' of Fate

Radiant Garden: Darkside,Yuffie,Tifa,Zack,Lea

Disney Castle: Mortimer Mouse, Pete

Timeless River: Maleficent, Mortimer Mouse

Agrabah: Wisdom Jafar Illusion

Pride Lands: Nukka and Vitani

Mysterious Tower: Yen Sid

The Realm of Darkness: Aqua

Destiny Islands: Twilight Thorn

The World That Never Was: Isa

Twilight Town: Hayner

The Keyblade Graveyard: 13 Darkness Members


Sora's Story

  • Donald and Goofy
  • Llama Kuzco(Kuzco's Empire)
  • Beast(Beast's Castle)
  • Sulley Sullivan(Monstropolis)
  • Auron(The Underworld)
  • Leon(Radiant Garden)
  • Mickey Mouse(Timeless River)
  • Mr. Incredible(Incredible Town)
  • Simba(Pride Lands)
  • Riku and Kairi(Twilight Town and Keyblade Graveyard)

Riku's Story

  • King Mickey
  • Llama Kuzco(Kuzco's Empire)
  • Jack Skellington(Christmas Town)
  • Hercules(Olympus Colliseum)
  • Captian Pete(Timeless River)
  • Prince Philip(Maleficent's Dungeon)
  • Simba(Pride Lands)
  • Sora and Kairi(Twilight Town and Keyblade Graveyard)

Kairi's Story

  • Lea
  • Prince Philip( Enchanted Dominion)
  • Emperor Kuzco(Kuzco's Empire)
  • Shrek
  • Stich( Hawaii)
  • Pegesus( Thebes)
  • Yuffie(Radiant Garden)
  • Queen Minnie( Disney Castle)
  • Aladdin( Agrabah)
  • Kovu( Pride Lands)
  • Sora and Riku( Keyblade Graveyard and Twilight Town)

Support Characters

Sora's support

  • Pacha(Battle v.s Yzma)
  • Boo(Battle v.s Randall)
  • Hercules( Battle v.s Cerberus)
  • Zeus(battle v.s Ice Titan)
  • Riku and Kairi(Darkside battle and Twilight Thorn battle)
  • Coud( Sephiroth battle)
  • Dash, Violet, Elasti-girl, Frozone( battle versus Syndrome)

Riku's support

  • Flaura, Fuana, Merrywether( 1rst Pete battle)
  • Zeus( Cyclopse, Rock Titan and Lava Titan boss battles)
  • Sora and Kairi( Darkside and Twilght Thorn battles)

Kairi's support

  • Pacha( Cat Yzma battle)
  • Hercules( Battle v.s Nessus)
  • Zeus( Battle v.s Wind Titan)
  • Sora and Riku( Darkside and Twilight Thorn battles)

The Start Menu

Start Menu options

  • Story mode
  • Versus mode
  • Theater Mode
  • Reports

Story Mode

Story mode is basically the mode where the main story is played, the payable stories are Sora, Riku and Kairi's.

Versus Mode

Versus mode is a mode similar to the BBS Mirage Arena, and 358/2' s Mission Mode. Versus mode is a mode where you get to play as players from the series(33 characters in total) and battle other players from the story. You can either battle your friends using Wi-Fi connections or battle the computer in a total of 18 arenas.

Versus Mode playable characters
  • Sora
  • Riku
  • Kairi
  • Young Sora
  • Young Riku
  • King Mickey
  • Donald Duck
  • Goofy
  • Lea
  • Master Aqua
  • Ventus
  • Terra
  • Aqua
  • Master Eraqus
  • Master Xehanort
  • Vanitas
  • Xemnas
  • Ansem Seeker of Darkness
  • Young Xehanort
  • Roxas
  • Xion
  • Isa
  • Braig
  • Xehanort
  • Riku impostor
  • Leon
  • Cloud
  • Aladdin
  • Dream Sora
  • Dream Riku
  • Yuffie
  • Pete
  • Maleficent
Versus mode Arenas
  • Destiny Island
  • The Keyblade Graveyard
  • Where Nothing Gathers(Castle that Never was)
  • Memory's Skyscraper( Dark City)
  • Sandlot(Twilight Town)
  • Mirage Arena
  • The Underdrome(Underworld)
  • The Olympus Colliseum
  • Town Near Thebes
  • The Sorceror's Chamber(Mysterious Tower)
  • Castle Oblivion
  • Cornerstone of Light(Disney Castle)
  • The Dark Margin(The Realm of Darkness)
  • The Great Maw(Radiant Garden)
  • The Hall of Empty Melodies(World that Never Was)
  • Traverse Town: 2nd District
  • Dive to Heart
  • The Land of Departure

Theater Mode

Like in previous Kingdom hearts games, theater mode is where the scenes from the game can be viewed.


The reports mode is just where to view the Xehanort reports, Ansem reports and Xehanort reports. Through this mode, you can also go to Jiminy's Journal(Sora) Mickey reports(Riku) and Rookie Reports(Kairi).

NOTE: The Reports and journals can also be viewed through the Pause Menu while playing on Story Mode.

The 7 Lights

  1. Sora
  2. Riku
  3. Kairi
  4. King Mickey
  5. Terra
  6. Ventus
  7. Aqua

The 13 Darkness

  1. Master Xehanort
  2. Xehanort/Terra
  3. Young Xehanort
  4. Xemnas
  5. Ansem SoD
  6. Xion
  7. Vanitas
  8. Isa
  9. Braig
  10. Riku Imposter(From Kh3d)
  11. Roxas
  12. Anti-Black coat
  13. Sora(failed to get)


Riku's Story

  • Bolt (To get Bolt as a Summon you must find the dogbone charm in a treasure chest in Radiant Garden) Origin: Bolt
  • Tinkerbell (To get Tinkerbell as a summon you must complete Neverland) Origin: Peter Pan
  • Buzz Lightyear( To get Buzz as a Summon you must get the Toy charm from Merlin) Origin: Toy Story
  • Baloo( To get Baloo as a summon arrive in Jungle Book after the first scene) Origin: The Jungle Book
  • Max Goof( You get Max as a Summon right after the scene where Max is shown on a skateboard) Origin: A Goofy Movie

Sora's Story

  • Tramp(To get Tramp as a summon you must find the dogbone charm in a treasure in Radiant Garden) Origin: Lady and The Tramp
  • Mike(Mike will appear as a summon as soon as Sulley becomes a party member)
  • Woody( To get Woody as a summon you must recieve the toy charm from Merlin) Origin: Toy Story
  • Pascal( To get Pascal as a summon you must talk to Flaura,Fuana and Merrywether) Origin: Tangled
  • Cloud( To get Cloud as a Summon you must complete Radiant Garden)

Kairi's Story

  • Lady( To get Lady as a Summon you must find the dogbone charm in a treasure chest in Radiant Garden) Origin: Lady and The Tramp
  • Gingy ( Gingy will appear as a Summon once Lord Farquaad is defeated in Far Far Away) Origin: Shrek
  • Genie ( Genie will appear as a Summon after you complete Agrabah) Origin: Aladdin
  • Ariel ( Ariel will appear as a summon once the music charm is found in Destiny Islands)Origin: Little Mermaid
  • Monstro ( Monstro can be summoned once he is defeated) Origin: Pinnochio


Command Boards can be played through the main menu and through the Olympus/Thebes/Underworld cups.

Sora's Command Boards

Keyblade Board: Players: Riku and Kairi

Special Panels= Keyblade Glider(player moves to any panel) and x-blade(Xehanort steals GP using the x-blade)

Crown Board: Players: Donald and Goofy

Special Panels= Master's Magic(Yen Sid gives 4 dice to roll) and Maleficent(Maleficent traps player in dungeon for one turn, similar to stun)

Rose Board: Players: Beast and Belle

Special Panels= Captian Dark/Justice(Justice gives GP and Dark steals GP) and GP arrow(Gaston shoots an arrow at the player stealing 400 GP and giving it to the opposing player)

Cup Board: Players: Hades and Hercules

Special Panels= Thread cutter(The Fates cut the thread to move you to a bad panel) and Power of the Gods(Zeus and Herra move you to any panel of your choosing)

Icecream Board: Players: Minnie and Mickey

Special Panels=Skateboard(The player and Max get on a skateboard for 2 turns to double the # rolled) and Big Bad Blow( The Big Bad Wolf blows away 350 GP)

i Board: Players: Mr.Incredible and Frozone

Special Panels=Dash(Using Dash playermoves 12 panels up),Violet(Violet moves opponent to any panel of the players choosing) and Elastigirl( Elastigirl gives each player 275 GP using her long arms and legs)

Toy Board: Players: Buzz and Woody

Special Panels= Emperor's Gift(Zurg gives the player 500 Gp and steals 100 GP from the opponent)

Riku's Command Boards

Keyblade Board: Players: Sora and Kairi

Special Panels(Same as Sora)

Master Mark Board: Players: Mickey and Aqua

Special Panels= Monster's Work(Chernabog blocks the players path for 2 turns, similar to stun) and Yen Sid's magic(Yen Sid gives the player 300 GP and 2 dice to roll)

Demon Horn Board: Players: Maleficent and Pete

Special Panels= Sleeping Beauty(The player watches Aurora sllep and begins to sleep for aturn, similar to stun) and Villian's Council(Big Bad Wolf and Mortimer follow the player for 2 turns stealing GP)

Thunderbolt Board: Players: Zeus and Herra

Special Panels= Hermes' delivery(Hermes delivers 400 GP to each player) and Zeus' bolt( a thunderbolt lands on the opponent swiping 500 GP and giving it to the player)

Icecream Board: Players: Horace and Minnie

Special Panels(Same as Sora)

Book Board: Players: Baloo and Pooh

Special Panels= Merlin's accident(Merlin takes 200 GP from each player), Sherekan's Roar(Sherekan roars, giving 300 GP from his mouth to the player) and Tigger bounce(Roo and Tigger bounce the player to the start panel)

Toy Board: Players: Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Special Panels(same as Sora)

Kairi's Command Boards

Keyblade Board: Players: Sora and Riku

Special Panels(Same as Sora and Riku)

Moon Board: Players: Lea and Isa

Special Panels= Berserker Gaurd( A berserker follows the player for 3 turns and swipes GP from nearby opponents) and Young Keyblade(Young Xehanort uses his keyblade to swip 600 GP from the opponent)

Potion Board: Players: Kuzco(sometimes Llama and sometimes Human) and Pacha

Special Panels= Kronk and Bucky's tackle( Kronk and Bucky tackle the opponent 10 panels back) and Yzma's greatest potion(Yzma gives the player a potion that stuns them for 2 turns)

Element Board: Players: Wind Titan and Rock Titan

Special Panels= Freeze Him!(Ice Titan freezes the opponent for one turn) Melt Zeus( Lava Titan traps the player in a lava mountain for a turn) and Pegesus Runt(Pegesus moves the player to any panel of his chosing)

Icecream Board: Players: Clarabelle and Minne

Special Panels=(Same as Riku and Sora)

Lamp Board: Players: Aladdin and Jasmine

Special Panels=3 wishes(For 3 turns Genie grants the player three wishes each turn using Joker's Fortune) The Return of Jafar(Jafar steals 3 command cards or 300 GP from the player)

Dogbone Board: Players: Lady and Tramp

Special Panels: Pluto!(Pluto gives away 500 GP to the player) It's Bolt(Bolt brings the player to any panel)

Secret Bosses

Sora's Story

Dilan : Find Dilan and Aeleus in Radiant Garden gaurding the castle, talk to them and a scene will happen in which they threaten to hurt Sora,Donald and Goofy if they don't move out of the way. Aeleus goes into the castle leaving Dilan to fight Sora.Dilan says that he remembers Sora and doesn't mind ending him and his friends, Sora then says "I don't want to hurt you Xaldin, but is not going to back down from a challenge. After this secret battle, Sora can have access to inside the castle where Even and Ienzo are.

Big Foot(A Goofy Movie): Approach Max in Disney Town and he'll tell you that there is a monster on the race course, Sora follows Max and suddenly Big Foot appears leading into a boss battle versus Big Foot with Max as a support fighter. After the battle, Max thanks them and says a farewell to Goofy, having Goofy obtain a new shield.

Sephiroth: Go to where you first fight Sephiroth in the beginning of Sora's Story where a yellow portal will appear, if you go in this portal you will see Sephiroth waiting for a fight, when you approach him Sephiroth, without speaking attacks Sora leading into a boss battle. After this battle, Sephiroth disappears and Sora says he'll tell Cloud right away. This gives Sora another new keyblade.

Experiment 221: In Destiny Islands there is a secret door that leads Sora to a secret room in Gantu's ship, in this room there is a potion. When Sora touches one, smoke appears and behind it is a laughing Experiment 221. He attacks Sora leading into a boss battle. after Sora defeats it, it simply vanishes leaving Sora confused.

Riku's Story

Aeleus: Find Dilan and Aeleus in Radiant Garden gaurding the castle, approach them and a scene happens in which they tell Mickey and Riku to hault. Mickey tells them that a guy that he is looking for is in the castle. Dilan says no second chances as he and Mickey begin to fight. This leaves Riku and Aeleus to stare down, Riku says long time know see Lexeaus, as Aeleus says that that name is no longer in use since he has his heart now. Aeleus then attacks Riku and tells him that with his heart he has a better chance at destroying him once and for all. This leads into a solo boss battle versus Aeleus. After the battle, Dilan and Aeleus, injured allow Riku and Mickey to enter the castle. Mickey greets Even and Ienzo and asks them for there advice on finding the 7 princesses. Riku, in shock, interupts Mickey and summons his Keyblade saying that Zexion and Vexen are on "their side" referring to Dilan and Aeleus. Ienzo stops reading his Lexicon as he and Even laugh joyfully. They explain that they got their hearts back and are there old selves but do remember what Riku and Sora did to lead to thier destruction as nobodies. Riku laughs as well and so does Mickey. Even then tells them that the Princesses might be in the Castle That Never Was with Xemnas and the others.

Even and Ienzo: After the Aeleus battle, if Riku approaches Ienzo and Even they will challenge him to a battle with no hard feelings, Riku and Mickey accept the challenge while summoning their keyblades. Even happily summons his shield and Ienzo summons his Lexicon leading into a 2 on 2 boss battle. After the battle, Even and Ienzo agree that Riku and Mickey are definetly ready for there search of the princesses.From this battle Riku obtains a new keyblade.

Max Goof: In Disney Town, Max appears gaurding the Cornerstone preventing you to re-visit Timeless River. If you approach Max a scene happens where Max says that if Riku ever wanted to get back to the Cornerstone he had to fight him. Riku laughs and says that Max was a lot different than his father(Goofy). Max laughs as well and grabs his skateboard, puts a strap on it for it to become a shield. Riku summons his keyblade and says let's see if he and Goofy had the same fighting style. Mickey, instead of fightining too says that he also wanted to see that and would rather watch Riku and Max fight. This leads into a Boss battle versus Max Goof. After the battle a scene shows Riku attack Max with a finishing blow. Max surrenders saying all right you win. Riku, Mickey and Max begin to laugh on the floor. Suddenly, Pete Jr. and Bobby interupts yelling, come on Max. Max gets up and gets on his skateboard an begins to follow P.J and Bobby while Mx waives his hand goodbye to Mickey and Riku. Mickey smiles and tells Riku that the other boy was Pete's son, but they were the exact opposite, he explains that even though Goofy and Pete were arch enemies, their sons were best friends and that one day, the 2 of them and Bobby may be put into a battle for the light, battling the darkness. Riku agrees as he smiles too.

Sherekan: In Radiant Garden, if Riku approaches Merlin a scene happens where Merlin explains to Riku and Mickey that a mysterious animal of the darkness has been iterferring with The Jungle Book's pages and the world itself. Mickey tells Riku that they better go take a look. Merlin opens the book and Riku and Mickey go inside. When they land in the book they see Maleficent talking to Kaa and a Sherekan(tiger). Riku interupts and yells Kaa and Maleficent's names. Kaa goes up a tree and Maleficent disappears after ordering Sherekan to elimnate Mickey and Riku. Mickey yells there goes our target as Sherekan runs towards them. This leads into a boss battle versus Sherekan. After the battle Riku chases Sherekan into the mysterious jungle but is stopped by Mickey who tells him that they have to return to Merlin.When they return to Merlin's house they tell Merlin that they fixed the books problems. Merlin thanks them and in reward gives Riku a new keyblade.

Kairi's Story

Meldy(Demyx's original persona): In Radiant Garden, where Sora fights Demyx from KH2, Kairi can approach a man seen playing a guitar. After approaching him, a scene shows Kairi and Lea asking him if he could "keep it down". The boy turns around and in shock says "Axel! I mean Lea!" Lea says long time no see Demyx, then the boy says "Thats Meldy" Meldy and Lea begin talking and laughing until Kairi interupts asking them to "keep it down" Meldy looks at her for a few second then says, " Wait a minute, if Sora's the one who struck me down... then your his girlfriend... Kairi!" Kairi blushes in anger and argies that he is not her boyfriend. Meldy kept on going on until Kairi finally summons her Keyblade. Meldy looks at her and smiles asking Lea if she was challenging him. Lea replys saying I guess so, but if they do fight make it "friendly" where nobody gets hurt. Kairi challenges him,if he can fight. Meldy pulls out his sitar, leading into a boss fight versus Meldy. After the battle, Meldy says that she wasn't that bad and he shouldm't have judged her by gender and appearance. She, Lea and Meldy begin to burst out in laughter, to end the scene. She then obtains a keyblade.

Experiment 625: In Hawaii, if Kairi goes on Gantu's ship, there is a secret room where there is a potion and a weird looking sandwich. If Kairi uses the command "Examine" a scene is showing Kairi wondering why a sandwich was in Gantu's ship. She begins to put her hand out in reach for the sandwich but is suddenly jumped on by Experiment 625. Kairi hits him off and asks herself if this was another experiment like Stich. Experiment 625 then surprisingly says I'm nothing like my cousin, and I'll proove it. This leads into a boss battle versus Experiment 625. After the battle, Experiment 625 apologizes to Kairi and explains that the reason he attacked Kairi was because she almost touched his sandwich. Kairi apologizes too and the 2 quicly become friends.

Zurg: In Radiant Garden if Kairi approaches Cid, he and Merlin tells Kairi that there is a secret alternate Room in his house. Merlin casts a spell on Kairi to put her in the form of a toy and tells Kairi that there is a dark emperor in this room. Now in the form of a toy Kairi tells Lea that she will return shortly as she enters a hole in the wall next to Cids computer. This leads her into "The Toy Room" where she senses the darkness in Zurg, who is fighting Buzz Lightyear. She gets in the middle of the fight and tells Buzz that together they'll stop him. Buzz agrees as he becomes your party member. Zurg calls her a puny little girl and says that they are no match for him. This leads into a boss fight versus Zurg. After the battle, Zurg nearly breaks into toy parts screaming "How dare you, Buzz Lightyear"Buzz thanks Kairi and says his goodbyes to her. Kairi returns to Merlin's House to Cid, Merlin, Yuffie, Aerith and Lea and informs them on her short journey to defeat Zurg with Buzz's help.

Kronk and Bucky: If you go to the Underground Laboratory in Kuzco's Empire you will be given the option to approach Bucky. This leads into a scene where Lea tells Bucky to move out of the way in an angry tone. Bucky begins throwing acorns at Lea as he summons his keyblade. Bucky begins sreaming in fear as Kronk right away comes down from Yzma's underground coaster. Kairi summons her keyblade and tells Kronk to stay back. Kronk looks at Kairi and suddenly recogizes her, he threatens to inflict pain on her just as she did to Yzma, his only friend. Lea and Kairi agree to finish Kronk and the "evil squirell". This leads into a boss battle versus Kronk and Bucky. Afrer the battle Kronk and Bucky surrender, Kronk tells them that he never really liked Yzma and apologizes for everything that he did to Kuzco, Riku, Sora, Pacha and the two of them since each time Yzma forced him to do it. Kairi and Lea see the good in Kronk and help he and Bucky up. If the player wishes to see Kronk again he will be at Kuzcotopia with Pacha, Tipo, Chaca and Chicha can also be spoken to. To speak to Bucky again, goo to the palce entrance. As a reward for this battle Lea obtains a new keyblade and Kairi gets a new ability.


The Beggining

Yen Sid gets a message from Xehanort stating that with the 7 princesses of light the x-blade will be forged and with the keyblade he and his Oragnization will consume all worlds with the darkness of heartless. Yen Sid informs Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lea, Mickey, Donald and Goofy about this message and about the possible Keyblade Wars. Yen Sid says that 7 lights will defeat 13 darkness and that to complete the 7 lights the Lost 3 must be found. He tells them that the 3 are Terra,Ventus and Master Aqua. He then orders Mickey and Riku to find and protect the 7 princesses from Organization XIII. He assigns Sora, Donald and Goofy to use the Gummi Ship to go on another journey in search for Ventus. This leaves the rookie Keyblade wielders to search for Master Aqua. After this scene a scene at the Keyblade Graveyard shows Master Xehanort and a hooded man. Master Xehanort says that "once we collect the all 7 princesses we can destroy their world and obtain the x-blade, and the Keyblade Wars will begin!" The man in black only says "Yes Master" following Master Xehaanort with a smirk on his face.


For Sora's tutorial it shows Donald, Goofy and Sora on the Gummi ship on their way to land at Enchanted Dominion. Sora tells Goofy to stop the ship and sparr since its "been a while". This leads into a boss battle versus Donald and Goofy(playing as Sora). For Riu's tutorial, it shows Mickey and Riku outside of the Mysterious Tower. Mickey asks Riku if he is ready for this journey and that it'll be tougher than their last. Riku says that he is ready and challenges Mickey to see if he has the stamina for this journey. This leads into a boss fight versus Mickey(playing as Riku). After the battle Mickey says "Your ready,Master Riku". Riku thanks him then Mickey shows Riku the keyblade glider ability as they take off. For Kairi's tutorial Yen Sid tells Lea and Kairi that before the begin their quest tehy need to complete the last step of their training.They look shocked but is then informed that they'll battle eachother. Kairi tells Lea not to hold back then this leads into a boss battle versus Lea(playing as Kairi).

Sora's Strory

Sora, Donald and Goofy land in Enchanted Dominion at Aurora's chamber where Prince Philip, Aurora, Flaura, Fuana and Merrywether reside. They are surprised to see Sora as the 3 fairies ask them if they are going on another adventure. Goofy explains to them about Xehanort, and the 7 princesses of light and how they are looking for Ventus. Fuana right away wonders why that name rings a bell and Merrywether finally tells Sora that years ago, a boy named Ventus helped them get back Aurora's heart. Aurora then tells Sora that she remembers when Sora helped her and the other 6 princesses awaken. She says that to thank him she'll give him something. She then hands Sora a keychain and his accepted by Sora. Donald warns Aurora to be careful and keep lookout for any men in black coats who may be trying to capture her, since she was one of the 7 princesses of pure light. Just when the 3 gets ready to leave this world, Prince Philip challenges them to a battle to prepare them for their upcoming journey. After the player leaves the castle, a boss battle versus Prince Philip on the bridge. After the fight, Philip tells Sora that an old friend named Aqua used a similar weapon to help him defeat Maleficent. Sora tells Philip that Aqua was also lost and that his other friend Kairi was looking for her. Before they get ready to leave, Sora tells Philip to take care of Aurora and if anything happened to her Riku and The King will find her and bring her back to this world. Philip takes Sora's advice and smiles at Donald, Sora , and Goofy as they unlock the keyhole that is on the castle doors. Meanwhile, inside of the castle... Maleficent captures Aurora and attacks the 3 fairires since Philip,Sora,Donlad and Goofy were outside, unable to help her.

MORE ... Coming Soon

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