• RoxasNobody

    Who We Are

    February 24, 2012 by RoxasNobody

    I know this is kind of late, but may as well break in my new wiki blog. So here goes nothing.

    I've noticed that we've had some people come here recently and completely misunderstand what's going on. The main thing I want to clear up:

    We're not getting rid of the encyclopedia, we just moved it.

    To clarify: As a community, we decided to move the encyclopedia to because of disagreements with wikia and better opportunites available there. We're not just abandoning this site, though. We decided to make this site into a fansite, and to have the two sites compliment each other. We'll link between the two sites, which gives us as a fansite something that no other fansite has: the ability to direct readers to more in-depth information…

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