Alright peeps, lets get straight into this. I don't give out actual info on myself, the "real" me. It's not that I'm paranoid or anything, it's just I prefer to keep things quiet. If you wish to know the real me, hey it's all good and fine we can e-mail and stuff and go from there. But in actuality, I have made up a character for the game Crisis Core that was quote un-quote "never seen". That being Genesis Rhapsodos' sister. Now some people would say that if he had a sister maybe he wouldn't have gone off his rocker like he did. I beg to differ. The way I have my character set up is this, this will also be within her point of view...

I grew up in Banora with my brother, Genesis Rhapsodos, and his best friend Angeal Hewley. The three of us were great friends. Angeal and I were not as close as my brother and I, but that was to be expected, I didn't take to men easily. However Genesis and I were closer than a normal brother and sister would be. We would do extra things for each other.

When we were younger and a particularly bad storm would come through, I would have trouble sleeping because I was scared. However our parents would be livid had I woken them up, so I would take to sneaking into my brothers room and he would "keep me safe" through the rest of the night. Then when he and Angeal would grapple around, I would watch but not participate, having to decided who won the matches. Soon enough my brother and Angeal found out about ShinRa and SOLDIER and decided to join. I didn't want them to, but I knew it was not my choice to make. The day they went off to join ShinRa and SOLDIER, I was sad at the feeling of being left behind. In a way I wanted to go with them, but females were not allowed in the program, and I had a nagging feeling that it was the Goddess' will that they go alone. After a while I began to receive letters from the both of them telling me everything they were doing. From the boring guard duty, to the grueling work outs that would tire the hell out of them. They even complained about how horrible the food was.

That was enough to make me laugh and write back a "told ya so". After a few months I got the most surprising and positively elating letter I could ever get. Both my brother and Angeal had made 1st Class. I was beside myself with happiness. If my brother was there, I probably would have showered him in kisses, Angeal too. Then after a while of writing back and forth about their missions their letters became fewer and more far between. I began to get worried, and in my letters started asking if things were okay. They avoided the question and supplied other information instead. Then a little while after that, the letters stopped completely. I was shocked.

My brother, I could understand forgetting to write for a while. But Angeal? Receiving his letters was like clock work. I was about to go to Midgar myself to see if I could find the two of them to see what was going on. Maybe they had been injured, or perhaps they were on a very long mission (that was most likely not the case but you must keep your options open).

But just a few hours before I was going to leave lo and behold my brother shows up on the front doorstep. But he wasn't acting like himself. And it severely showed in his actions. He walked right past me with no words into our house. I heard two screams, and I realized what he had just done.

He had killed our parents. I turned around and watched him approach me was he walked back to the front door, backing away a step each time took one as well. He softly asked me what was wrong. I nearly screamed at him asking why he killed our parents. He quoted a section of his favorite poem LOVELESS, then finally stopped in the doorway.

He called himself a monster and looked down at the ground as if admitting he had some form of sickness. I ran and threw my arms around him, crying and saying he was not a monster. He shoved me away, then took a few more steps outside then drew his hand over his face then flung it out beside him. A wing black as sin appeared. I was silent for a second, but then started to get up.

However I stopped when I felt his blade at my throat. He told me if I was to touch him, the monster that he was again, he would kill me so he would not be able to taint my pure spirit with his stained one. He then flapped his wing and took off. After such, I took off to Midgar hoping that maybe I could find a better life after Banora was bombed by the ShinRa. I know it's not the best place to go, but hey we all have to try...

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