• Ralyx

    Considering how confusing some of the characters' existences have become (Roxas with Sora's body and either resonating with Sora's heart or housing Ventus' while Sora keeps going as a pseudo-heartless, Xion's transient existence, the whole Terra-Xehanort/Ansem/Xemnas/Lingering Will mess, etc.), I was contemplating how all of these would get "resolved", and came up with an idea. Instead of giving Roxas his own separate existence, it would be cool if Roxas was actually a part of Ventus' heart and not Sora's (apart from the two still being linked), meaning that Ventus would inherit all of Roxas' memories and experiences (including his friendship with Axel/Lea) when his heart is finally fully restored, in addition to all of his previous memori…

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