The player reachs physiology state in the mood not beautiful while, must restrain oneself not to go up bet desk, after all the eye in this kind of him hour can be reduced, the error of occurrence mistake of very easy meeting, let oneself only possibly lost more capital to stop so. A lot of players are defeated much when, can go out first impatient condition, but such case is very easy because of mood out of control, the judgement ability that brings about oneself is incorrect, this kind of circumstance is worst state to the player. Become a player so out of order when, be sure to keep in mind or stay a hand! Etc after restoring, come again well chip in is not late also. </p>

Player of very much of course rookie has state of mind of deadly out of control more, that follows veteran chip in namely can. If do not know rule,go up in the field with happy a hunderd schools, rushed end is not a well-advised decision. Besides follows when you is the veteran by him luck chip in only, and be not the chip in that possesses skill, may bring more losses for oneself only so! Do not understand so must not install understand, also must not hold to end, good outer part can create a mistake for oneself only, had better know all game method and skill lane to come again first game, just may bring oneself to win rate. 

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