My Kingdom Hearts 3 Theory and Connection to Kingdom Hearts X [chi]Well , first thing first, watch these videos before you read (also put CC on with english to see what they're saying with english subtitles).

Well I did my research and homework and this is my theory, one of the Fortellers has a connection to Xehanort or the opposite or even they are the same person.

Xehanort said that his keyblade was a will passed on and that another task was as well. The Ursus and the other Foretellers Keyblades all look alike, especially the Ursus and Anguis Foreteller Keyblades. Also not a spelling lesson but Angius looks like Anguish and anguish is a noun that means pain, suffering, you know. And all that Xehanort has been doing is all these actions. So he could be part of the Angius or Ursus clan. However his goal is too return the full darkness the worlds using help of the 13 Seekers of Darkness, the X- Blade, and Kingdom Hearts itself. And the main problem for him is the 7 Hearts of Pure Light, and Maleficent did talk about changing one's future with a book that the Foretellers had, and that Jiminy had one of those books. So if she were to get that book (which happened in Dream Drop Distance) under orders of Xehanort, then Sora and the others futures are at a high probability of losing the battle between the 13 Seekers of Darkness and the 7 Hearts of Pure Light. So lets say that happens, bad things will happen. Also there is a probability that Sora will be possessed by Vanitas and he did possess Ventus in the battle between Master Aqua and Master Mickey (not for them to feel royal, but they were masters) and I did have a dream of that happening as well, also my other theory is the X- Blade gets created, Sora still possessed by vanitas, someone helps him snap out of it, he uses the X- Blade to defeat Master Xehanort (also Xehanort could be another nobody because Xehanort is No Heart in different directions without the X and No Heart is the name of the boss in the Birth By Sleep Multiplayer/Tournament) then Sora makes the world at peace with it or something. Hopefully we get a super awesome good ending, not a horrible scarred to your mind bad ending.

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