Micah James I Hearts: 1st Boss located away form Destiny Ilands when setting Sail:

The Boss Ursula: Use the The Shell and lower her Hp watch out for her Tinticales when she shake's the raft & when playing as Sora or Riku make sure to have a potion or two she will attack using thunder attack's and water attack's so be on a look out for those's and after she is Defeated & Disapear's Sora & Riku Will take a plunge in to the waters while sinking to the bottom they still knocked out will spot a Keyhole once there Both Keyblade's will be Summoned & the light will do the same thing in K.H 1 while still knocked out they will start glowing & Ansem up top will Show up Say this World has been Connected? And thats it on the 1st episode it will end & Skip to Sora & Riku from K.H 2 at Yin Sid's Tower summoned by the King all Three will talk after that Sora and Riku will Recive Note's then that a mini game will Start when Playing as Ether you will have to dodge opisticle's here when done Sora in First District while Riku in third District will wake up and check out there clothes out after that Sora will climb on top of a fience or something and yell Riku's name & on the other hand Riku wounder where Sora is after that Sora turn to the right before falling and spots Neku & Riku will spot Shiki havin Problem's with Dream Eater Riku then saves her & takes her to Joshua & Rythem & Beat anyway back to Sora He & Neku Then says you okey and Sora says yeah and they As Neku Walk off and Does the Trick's You will Recive Notes & do New Trick's From Pole one to the top of the Sairway's Last pole if you keep going after your done u will recive notes on the Save point and That Sora Followed Neku and gets attacked By Dream Eater's then Sora says that is an unusual name then Neku Says Not me them so say as Sora Summons the Keyblade preparing for a battle

One Video Show's Unkown With Sora(K.H 2) As he Meet's Aqua & Terra Ventus then View's shows as goes back to Sora(K.H 2) then runs after them then it shows Riku & Sora Young as they Meets Aqua(B.B.S) then goes to Xebar Talking to Sora & then shows Unkown Older Form Talking to Sora as he Summoned the Keyblade as he Begin talking Everyone shows up behind Sora thats Kairi Riku Danald Goofy Mickey Aqua Ventus Terra Roxas Xion Shows up Behind to Support's him after that Xeber disappearing and Xenmes Begins Battling Sora

it Goes to the Touch Screen & show's amazing stuff for Touch Screen this was all on "Kingdom Hearts 3D By the Way 1st Video" um on the 2nd World for Sora it look's like Riku's Meeting Qusemoto On the Last World Sora is Indeed Sleeping when Riku was trying to confront him then Unknown then Blasts Riku Back up to where he came in through Then Riku & Unknown start to chat then and the Robed Men Start Appearing As Riku Looking Around the room then Mickey appear's and Blasting Unkown with a Huge light & Mickey telling Riku if he's ok & tell him something then they look up at Master Xehanort(B.B.S) and Unkown Then Blast Mickey from Behind As Riku & Unkown start to Battle Mickey says lookout as they Begin after the battle Lea show Up before Xehanort hurt's Sora and Save all 3 of them bring's them back to Yin Sid's Tower And Lea Show's Everyone his Keyblade

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