The Keyhole


Boss Status's & Other Info (2)

Ok so In the Begaining Sora & Riku Are getting Summoned By Mickey With Danald & Goofy To Talk to Yin Sid About the Mark Of Mastery Excam & Xehanort's Return and while Sora & Riku a Shocked about the New's Sora then says even without it No can Beat him Then goes to Riku And He Say's I've woundered the Darkness for so long and states I have to Make Sure Sora then says riku's name (calmly) Then Yin Sid Say let us open the gateway of sleep then states if you are to make it back here i might cosider you as a worthy Keyblade Master...

Then It goes to Destiny Iland Sora Says How long do you think the raft will take us? then Riku Says who knows? then on the next day Riku at the Raft waiting for Sora then He Tell him ready to go? Sora Says Yeah as they Set sail about half Way Sora say's Riku a Storm Comming then as Riku get Hit Then Sora gets up & looks around for Riku & Spots him Then Sora Says Riku's Name then Riku respondes telling Sora he's Alright Then Ursula Appear's out of Nowhere & She say it's about time i get my Revange then Riku say is this a test? as they start & Defeat Ursula Riku now with Sora Get Knocked out as they Sink to the Bottom there KeyBlade's Are Suumoned as the Keyhole Via K.H 1 after that they Start Glowing As Ansem Appear on top of the Water Saying this world been connected and they Disapear somewhere...

{Then Mini Dive Game '& after the mini Is finished}

Sora & Riku Will Wake Up In there First World Treasure Town Sora will check his New Clothes out as to wounder where Riku went too he then Climb on top of a fience And yell Riku name then Neku Says That a Loud & Stupid Voice As Sora Turns Before falling saying huh then Neku says your Sora & Talks about the Games Neku then Says this is all i have Left and Show Sora His Hand Then Says I Cant Afford to Lose it after that Sora says I havent got a clue on what these game are but ill try to land a hand ok then before Neku walks off & says first you will need some practice And does his tricks Then its Sora turn still haven't got a clue on what his name is he decide to follow Neku into the Secend District Sora Asks Neku wat his Name is then they will get attacked By Dream Eater so then wounder's is that it Neku Says not me them.. as you clear out the dream Eater's Neku then tell Sora his Name & says that a nice Name Neku then says Nothing Special....

Thats it So Far See if you can Add More...

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