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  • Micah James I Hearts

    Ok so In the Begaining Sora & Riku Are getting Summoned By Mickey With Danald & Goofy To Talk to Yin Sid About the Mark Of Mastery Excam & Xehanort's Return and while Sora & Riku a Shocked about the New's Sora then says even without it No can Beat him Then goes to Riku And He Say's I've woundered the Darkness for so long and states I have to Make Sure Sora then says riku's name (calmly) Then Yin Sid Say let us open the gateway of sleep then states if you are to make it back here i might cosider you as a worthy Keyblade Master...

    Then It goes to Destiny Iland Sora Says How long do you think the raft will take us? then Riku Says who knows? then on the next day Riku at the Raft waiting for Sora then He Tell him ready to go? Sora Says Yeah as t…

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  • Micah James I Hearts

    Micah James I Hearts: 1st Boss located away form Destiny Ilands when setting Sail:

    The Boss Ursula: Use the The Shell and lower her Hp watch out for her Tinticales when she shake's the raft & when playing as Sora or Riku make sure to have a potion or two she will attack using thunder attack's and water attack's so be on a look out for those's and after she is Defeated & Disapear's Sora & Riku Will take a plunge in to the waters while sinking to the bottom they still knocked out will spot a Keyhole once there Both Keyblade's will be Summoned & the light will do the same thing in K.H 1 while still knocked out they will start glowing & Ansem up top will Show up Say this World has been Connected? And thats it on the 1st episode it will end & Sk…

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  • Micah James I Hearts

    Hello All Kingdom Hearts 3D is Going Rock

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