Here's what I think of what Sora's first encounter with Professor Ludwig Von Drake.

Scene (music: Inoccent Times)

Sora ends up in a mechanical city in front of a huge door. Sora pulls the lever and he hears a voice that tells him to "Come in, come in". Sora enters the building and a duck in a scientist coat introduces himself as Professor Ludwig Von Drake and welcomes him to "Von Drakes Workshop Of Genius". Sora asks that if he knows Donald Duck, to which Ludwig claims that just because he's a duck doesn't mean that he knows every duck. After an awkward pause, the professor reveals that he's just kidding and that Donald is his nephew. Sora asks where he is and if the whole world is mechanical. The professor informs Sora that he is in Bridge Town, and a world where crystals are a source of power. Von Drake tells Sora that he has heard about him from Donald's letters. Sora then asks what a scientific duck is doing in another world. Von Drake then tells Sora that he is making a crystal reactor engine for someone that resides in this world (Layle). The professor mentions that his client is out escorting a big ship called the Alexis. He claims that his client is a brave warrior that controls crystals, the people in this world call these warriors "crystal bearers". Sora questions the client's title and summons his keyblade. The professor gets amazed by the way Sora summons his keyblade. He also tells him that there could be a way to get to his client. Von Drake has to modify the keyblade to become a vehicle that flys. Ludwig asks Sora to do him a favor and collect some crystal shards so he can get to modifying. Sora asks where he can find some crystal shards, and finding using his keyblade as a vehicle cool. Ludwig tells Sora to just follow them through the alley ways. Sora then leaves to get some shards for the professor.

incase you don't know what I'm talking about which world and who Ludwig Von Drake is, use these links.

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