Some fans believe that the silent narrator from the first Kingdom Hearts game is Ventus while some believe that its Mickey Mouse. Birth By Sleep may have some clues who the silent narrator is.

  • Ven's heart has been inside of Sora since the post credits scenes of Birth By Sleep.
  • In Sora's Dive Into The Heart, the narrator is teaching Sora how to fight. Ven knows how to fight too, and it was before Mickey left Disney Castle.
  • After the Darkside is defeated, the narrator told that Sora is the one that will open the Door To Light. I'm not sure if Ven knows about the Door or not.
  • When Sora first summoned the keyblade, the narrator keeps saying "keyblade". Ven can use the keyblade and should know what its called.
  • In the Final Rest before facing Xehanort's Heartless, the narrator is talking to Sora about never coming back after the final battle. Only Sora heard it while Donald and Goofy didn't. There's a reason that Donald and Goofy didn't hear the narrator, Ven is telepathically communicating to Sora.

If you have any evidents that it could be Mickey, post them on the comments section.

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