I'm thinking of new features that were not in the previous games, so here is what I had in mind

  • Narration- Some cutscenes will be narrated by Ventus, mostly about the past and what has been going on.
  • Time Travel- From within Sora's heart, Roxas may travel to Sora's earlier child hood through his memories.
  • World Travel Improvement- The world map will work like space traveling in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time.
  • Musical Mini-Games- The mini-games that involve singing will gave a larger role in KH3. And they can be replayed from the world map.
  • Stealth- If Kairi is playable, she would be traveling on her own while avoiding detection from the enemies (due to not being what we call a fighter).
  • New Magic Element- If the world of Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers appears in KH3, then Sora will obtain a new magic element called "crystal".
  • Conversations During Gameplay- Like some most recent games, characters will talk during battles and gameplay.

What do you guys think of these features?

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