I haven't blogged for a while, so let's get this over with.

  • Has it occurred to any of you that there's a high chance Sora will have some sort of identity crisis in KHIII? Roxas is currently inside of him, as Xion is technically inside of Roxas. Ven for obvious reasons; his heart is within Sora ever since the end of Birth By Sleep, which is why Sora is able to use a keyblade. Think about it, just like Roxas, Sora will have dreams about Ven's memories.
  • If Kairi ends up being playable, its going to be stealth missions. Because of her pure heart, she's not exactly what we call a fighter. Although that will give Kairi more character development. She might even regain a memory of meeting Aqua (similar to how Mickey regained a memory of spilling thinner in Epic Mickey, zooming into the eye). Thus making her realize why she was able to hold a keyblade.
  • Pluto should get more interactions with Mickey than in the previous games. In KHII, he spent most of his screen time with Kairi. And for some reason he didn't even sick on any of the Organization members while growling. Ok so he did that in the manga version, but that doesn't count. We still even don't know what Pluto has been doing during the events of 358/2 Days.

Between you and me, I'm hoping that Mickey will get a slightly more emotional reunion with Pluto in the KHII manga.

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