Here are a few cutscenes that I might have in mind.

One Vessel Short

In an unknown locationm Master Xehanort is discussing with his 9 incarnations, Braig, and Isa about how their still one vessel short on their goal. Braig then mentions that its not his fault that Riku and that "big eared king" showed up before they could start with the process and blames Xehanort's Heartless for it. The Heartless bangs his fist on the wall and starts blaming Xemnas for not using his keyblade to complete Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas simply defends himself by saying that he wasn't able to use it at the time and Isa is not strong enough to keep Roxas in the castle as Saix. MX yells at the new organization to make them shut up as arguing isn't going to get them any where. They do so and star trying to think of a way to complete the organization. Suddenly, an alarm goes off and Braig went to check it out. He turns on the screen and tell his master that the "kiddo" is awake and is flying out of a world in a vehicular keyblade. The guardian then appears shouting "No WAY" in a deep voice. MX then orders the new organization to send the remaining Heartless into battle, Sora must not escape this time.

Who's He Talking To?

Durring the ship battle, MX is observing it wondering where Sora learned to use the keyblade to fly. Sora on the screen then says "I can do long range attacks while travelling to worlds?", which made MX wonder who is he talking to. Then the battle continues in gameplay.

Meet Darkwing Duck

Sora arrives in a dark room full of cubicals and starts wondering where he is. A voice is heard telling him that he's in Quackwerks, the biggest company in St. Canard. Blue smoke then appears and the voice says "I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the grease in your spiky hair!". The smoke dissapears revealing a duck in a purple costume finishing his motto with "I am Darkwing Duck!", which made Sora wonder if he's the guy Scooge Mcduck sent him to find during one of his visits in Shibuya. Darkwing approaches Sora guessing that he has heard his name before. Sora asks what Darkwing is doing here, which he answers that he is trying to find the CEO of Quackwerks as it recently captured a "friend" of his. The boy wonders what the duck is talking about, but volunteers to tag along with the mission Darkwing is doing. Then the logo for St. Canard appears on screen.

Crazy Jester

Kairi is walking on the streets of St. Canard trying to find the bus Gosally is on. But along the way, she spots four costumed guys infront of a building and hides to avoid their detection. Quackerjack tells his underlings (Megavolt, Bushroot, and Liquicator) about their mission to destroy the toy stores that work for Quackwerks thinking that Quackerjack Toys will be the best seller. Suddenly, some robots approach them and recognizes them as the "Fearsom Five" but mentions that Negaduck is absent. The crazed toymaker immediatley attacks the robot that said Negaduck. After that, he introduces his team to the "new and improved Mr. Bannana Brain". Kairi attempts to leave as she still neds to find the strange girl, but steps on a twig thus alerting the Fearsome Four that someone is here. Quackerjack orders the three super villains to find and destroy what ever spied on them. Kairi flees inorder to make those villains lose her.

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