• Matteso586

    Here is a list of characters that I think should deserve some development in character.

    Sora: He should probably become more understanding on what's going on, and what other characters are talking about. What does that mean this, what do you mean that. That trait is starting to become too predictable if you ask me.

    Terra: If he ever leaves his armor and gets his body back. Terra needs to take some time getting to know someone before trusting him/her. And if Kung Fu Panda 2 taught me anything, this guy has to achieve inner peace.

    Riku: From what I can tell, he's becoming more like Ratchet in the Ratchet & Clank Future saga. And if the KHIII includes the world of Frozen, Riku can possibly relate to Anna.

    Kairi: I wonder how she feels about her t…

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  • Matteso586

    What are your favorite cutscenes that reenact a scene from a Disney Movie? A few of mine would are below.

    • Simba walking to the tip of Pride Rock after the boss fight against Scar.
    • Snow White waking up from first loves kiss.
    • Snow falling in Halloween Town. That technically counts as an reenactment of the finale song from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    • Kevin Flynn's heroic sacrifice in the end of Riku's part in The Grid.

    What are your favorite reenacted Disney scenes?

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  • Matteso586

    I haven't blogged for a while, so let's get this over with.

    • Has it occurred to any of you that there's a high chance Sora will have some sort of identity crisis in KHIII? Roxas is currently inside of him, as Xion is technically inside of Roxas. Ven for obvious reasons; his heart is within Sora ever since the end of Birth By Sleep, which is why Sora is able to use a keyblade. Think about it, just like Roxas, Sora will have dreams about Ven's memories.
    • If Kairi ends up being playable, its going to be stealth missions. Because of her pure heart, she's not exactly what we call a fighter. Although that will give Kairi more character development. She might even regain a memory of meeting Aqua (similar to how Mickey regained a memory of spilling t…
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  • Matteso586

    Silent Narrators Identity

    September 24, 2012 by Matteso586

    Some fans believe that the silent narrator from the first Kingdom Hearts game is Ventus while some believe that its Mickey Mouse. Birth By Sleep may have some clues who the silent narrator is.

    • Ven's heart has been inside of Sora since the post credits scenes of Birth By Sleep.
    • In Sora's Dive Into The Heart, the narrator is teaching Sora how to fight. Ven knows how to fight too, and it was before Mickey left Disney Castle.
    • After the Darkside is defeated, the narrator told that Sora is the one that will open the Door To Light. I'm not sure if Ven knows about the Door or not.
    • When Sora first summoned the keyblade, the narrator keeps saying "keyblade". Ven can use the keyblade and should know what its called.
    • In the Final Rest before facing Xehanor…
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  • Matteso586

    Cutscene Ideas

    September 15, 2012 by Matteso586

    Here are a few cutscenes that I might have in mind.

    In an unknown locationm Master Xehanort is discussing with his 9 incarnations, Braig, and Isa about how their still one vessel short on their goal. Braig then mentions that its not his fault that Riku and that "big eared king" showed up before they could start with the process and blames Xehanort's Heartless for it. The Heartless bangs his fist on the wall and starts blaming Xemnas for not using his keyblade to complete Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas simply defends himself by saying that he wasn't able to use it at the time and Isa is not strong enough to keep Roxas in the castle as Saix. MX yells at the new organization to make them shut up as arguing isn't going to get them any where. They do so…

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