As I said in one of my previous blog posts, I believe that through Mirage Arena, versus mode should be changed.

Playable Characters

Instead of only 3 playable characters through Versus Mode there should be alot of playable characters from the series like how there were 19 in 358/2 Days. The following should be playable, and these are their weapons:

  • Sora- Kingdom Key
  • Riku- Way to Dawn
  • Kairi- Destiny's Embrace
  • Young Sora- Kingdom Key
  • Young Riku- Soul Eater
  • King Mickey- Star Seeker
  • The King(cloaked Mickey Mouse)- Kingdom Key D
  • Donald Duck- Mage's Staff
  • Goofy- Knight's Shield
  • Lea- "Lea's Keyblade"
  • Axel- Eternal Flames
  • Master Aqua- Stormfall
  • Terra- Ends of The Earth
  • Ventus- Wayward Wind
  • Master Eraqus- Master Keeper
  • Master Xehanort-Master Xehanorts keyblade"
  • Vanitas- Void Gear
  • Xemnas- Interdiction
  • Ansem Seeker of Darkness- Gaurdian
  • Final Ansem- Dual Soul Eater
  • Young Xehanort- "Young Xehanort's Keyblade"
  • Roxas- Oathkeeper and Oblivion
  • Xion- Kingdom Key
  • Isa- Lunatic
  • Braig- Sharpshooter
  • Maleficent- Maleficent's staff
  • Pete- Rolling Bombs
  • Leon- Gunblade
  • Cloud- Fusion Sword
  • Sephiroth-Masamune

Playable Arenas

  • Destiny Island
  • Keyblade Graveyard
  • Castle That Never Was
  • Memory's Skyscraper
  • Twilight Town
  • Mirage Arena
  • The Underdrome
  • The Olympus Coliseum
  • Mysterious Tower
  • Castle Oblivion
  • Land of Departure
  • Disney Town
  • Disney Castle
  • The Realm of Darkness
  • Radiant Garden
  • Where Nothing Gathers
  • Traverse Town
  • Dive To Heart
  • World of Nothingless
  • Pride Lands

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