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  • Lightversusdark

    If you have any ideas of your own leave in the comments below.

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  • Lightversusdark

    This is a full summary of my ideas for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III, this blog basically sums up what I said in previous blog posts and includes worlds, stoty and more, feel free to comment too!

    As I said before there should be a versus mode,story mode, and theater mode.

    There should be a total of 4 stories... Sora, Riku, Kairi, and secret story.Through Sora's story you play as Sora with your party as Donald Duck and Goofy on a quest to find Ventus.Through Riku's story you play as Riku with your party as King Mickey on a quest to prevent Xehanort from collecting the 7 princesses of light. Through Kairi's story you play as Kairi for the first time with Lea as a party member in search for Master Aqua.

    After succesfuly completing Sora, Kairi …

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  • Lightversusdark

    As I said in one of my previous blog posts, I believe that through Mirage Arena, versus mode should be changed.

    Instead of only 3 playable characters through Versus Mode there should be alot of playable characters from the series like how there were 19 in 358/2 Days. The following should be playable, and these are their weapons:

    • Sora- Kingdom Key
    • Riku- Way to Dawn
    • Kairi- Destiny's Embrace
    • Young Sora- Kingdom Key
    • Young Riku- Soul Eater
    • King Mickey- Star Seeker
    • The King(cloaked Mickey Mouse)- Kingdom Key D
    • Donald Duck- Mage's Staff
    • Goofy- Knight's Shield
    • Lea- "Lea's Keyblade"
    • Axel- Eternal Flames
    • Master Aqua- Stormfall
    • Terra- Ends of The Earth
    • Ventus- Wayward Wind
    • Master Eraqus- Master Keeper
    • Master Xehanort-Master Xehanorts keyblade"
    • Vanitas- Void Gear
    • Xemnas…

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  • Lightversusdark

    These are the people who I think should be a part of the 13 Seekers of Darkness.

    1. Master Xehanort
    2. Ansem Seeker of Darkness
    3. Xemnas
    4. Young Xehanort
    5. Braig
    6. Isa
    7. Riku Replica
    8. Xehanort/Terra
    9. Vanitas
    10. Xion
    11. Anti-Black Coat
    12. Roxas
    13. Sora(failed)

    The Organization will be eliminated at the hands of The 7 lights,Roxas and Lea making an even 10 on 10 keyblade wars this is how they are each eliminated or why they leave.

    • Anti Black Coat will be the first member to fall after another battle against Mickey and Riku.
    • Xion will be the next member to fall after Xemnas desrtroys her saying that the organization doesn't need the puppet anymore since she failed to bring Kairi to the Organization.
    • Roxas leaves the Organization after hearing of Xion's destruction and joins the 7 lights to s…

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  • Lightversusdark

    In my opinion, I believe that Lea should be a party member for Kairi's journey wielding his keybade, which currently has an unknown name. However, I do believe that in Kingdom Hearts III Lea should be playable through versus mode. I think that unlike KHBBS, Versus mode should have many playable characters including Lea and other characters from the game. To find more about my opinion on a KHIII Versus mode visit my upcoming blog bost: KHIII Versus mode.

    Since Lea is a party member, like Donald and Goofy he should have more than one keyblade to use:

    • Lea's Keyblade( his unnamed keyblade from KH3D Dream Drop Distance)
    • Frolic Flame
    • Hidden Dragon
    • Bond of Flame
    • Heretic Flare
    • Twilight Blaze

    And hopefully new keyblades made specifically for Lea

    As a party …

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