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TALK - Oh My God
So LA went into Youtube today and looked at several of LA's content creators get DMC notifications to disabled montization and custom thumbnail taken down and these are small communities within it that are getting these small complaints by BIG COMPANIES that are either shutting down channels without warning or doing what LA said above.

Why is LA talking about this?...well because LA is currently in the realms of refurbishing LA's own channel and POURING MONEY TO IT, and seeing this scares me, not because "of the money", but that Youtube's copyright laws are soo broken right now that LA is even scared to get this off the ground. (eg. getting one video up then suddenly LA's channel is taken down etc.)

LA is being REAL with you here...Youtube's copyright laws has to change cos not only are LA's favourite content creators (and heck even YOURS) getting flagged for small spiteful reasons from bigger companies due to the copyright laws but it's even scaring off new faces.

LA will post the few videos of this topic below.

LA KNOWS that us as a wiki can't do much, but by god, support the various content creators right now getting rekted by Youtube's unfair copyright laws...this CANNOT GO ON...

And on a personal note: If this doesn't change, LA's plans of growing LA's channel is also going down the gutter even before it gets off the ground cos LA will be soo fucking scared of this unfair BS.

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