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It has been announced from Utada Hikaru's official website that she gave birth to a baby boy.

Utada married Francesco Calliano, an Italian bartender, in May 2014.

She also noted about her future in the music career due to her hiatus beginning of 2011, as she's been working on an album and plans to release more information soon.

In the 2015 Bungeishunjū's Weekly Bunshun reported that she will sing the theme song for the final Evangelion movie that's "slated to open between fall and winter of 2015". Her contract with Universal Music Japan had one more album left on her contract and Universal wanted focus on an Evangelion song for this.

Utada is internationally known raised in Japan and USA, bestselling pop artist born in New York City. Her first debut album "First Love" sold 8 million copies and is the bestselling album EVER.

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