Well this is my FIRST EVER BLOG POST let's get this underway......tis a battle blog post........dawg..

Wooden Keyblade

The wooden Keyblade...what started this battle in the first place

The prologue to this battle is just fantastic, we get to see Vanitas in all his darky..darkness talk even BREAKING Ventus' wooden keyblade...oooOOoohh your gonna pay Vanitas as well as showing Aqua's "sorta" darkside and calling Vanitas..ooohh what was that?....ohh right calling him a freak!!...well I wouldn't blame her, since nakama friends are very dear to her XD.


Vanitas you son of Blue Sea Salt!!

Now onto the gameplay itself, this boss (Vanitas 2nd fight) is like one of bosses where it really test you skills...though it's near the end >_>...right, either way Vanitas is no pushover as he does combos very effectively as well as the fact that if you have no proper good commands..well your dead. Making Vanitas get stunned of even be knocked back it hard enough but his strength is pretty out there. A few of his attacks if you don't even dodge them properly ESPECIALLY in Proud mode can be INSTANT all this boss tests your skills from all the other worlds out there..and as a reward for beating him?...two keyblade!!! (the other from destiny Islands but since you don't do anything well it counts....what?...URUSAI!!!!....).

Now the music....BY GOD THE MUSIC FITS SOO WELL INTO THIS BOSS BATTLE..the adrenaline, the intensity and the outright difficulty of this boss battle makes this battle all the more rewarding and gets your adrenaline pumping from a masked boy who has narcissistic and evil boy who you just to have a chance to whack at.

In all this battle, I'll give it a 9/10, the music accompanied and the overall difficulty of this battle throughout all modes makes this boss battle pretty well done.........El Psy Congroo.....

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