Well LA has been in this wiki what?..5 to 6 years now?. LA was pretty much one of the core members who have still stayed here all this time from the merge to the uhhh-un-merge, LA pretty much helped this wiki ALOT.

However expected LA kinda lost steam through the Keyhole's wiki expectations and LA more or less focused on LA's anime page and just reviews in general to make up for the "fan" part of the wiki (even if LA's material wasn't even a part of the KH universe), LA still did it and created an anime/KH wiki site in a ways.

And so, the main reason why LA created this blog is that time and gone and LA wants to expand LA's anime hold to Youtube, yes LA has made a Youtube channel (no videos made yet, that will be on the Thursday) and that kinda means LA's position as an admin in this wiki goes into "Maybe Retiring Status" LA will be "just" starting in LA's Youtube channel, LA "might" come back here and there only to update LA's anime page if LA has time...however by the time LA's Youtube channel picks up steam and LA will be solely focused on LA's Youtube channel is when LA will fully retire...

So before then, LA will say...

"LA's time in the keyhole has been crazy, innovative, a bit cruel for laughs here and there, but *Cough* *Cough* obvious Kingdom Hearts friendship reference coming up *cough*...ohh wait LA can't find it...well main point is, LA had a great time in the wiki, a stressful time in the wiki, but hopefully LA has made LA's mark in this wiki...and you'll see LA in person very soon..."...

LA's Youtube channel

Update on the channel: Well huh, LA tried doing the seasonal daily anime schedule for about 4 days now and guess what, for LA, it's stressful as hell not to mention LA screwed up MULTIPLE LA already knows that LA can't do it this way. So new schedule. LA will NOW be doing weekly videos. Currently it'll only be on Seiyuu's and Top 10's, expect a video every week now...LA just can't do this daily thing, it's waay too stressful (heck editing for 3 videos on one day took FOUR HOURS TO DO) that's the update, the next video will be out on probably next Tuesday or Wednesdays. Fairy Tail Guild Member:LegendAqua 30px-Fairy_Tail_symbol.png 02:07, October 4, 2015 (UTC)

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