Xigbar, Xigbar, Xigbar....the Sniper and my favourite Organization member (LA looks at the Xigbar haters).....gggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......300px-Happy_scary.jpg

anywho....the battle......the battle..Sora VS. Xigbar...first the prologue...

The prologue was a bit.....well long....too long, like come on it had like 4 cutscenes, including one with DiZ and Mickey as well Maleficent, Pete talking to Saix as well as Sora trying to "not" fight the Heartless......riiight. The only thing I like was when Xigbar appeared and well, throttled the Heartless??...huh???.

XigbarKH2 Sora (Battle) KHII

Now the actual fight, Xigbar being the warping space sniper he is, well you have to act fast...really fast as well as guard, which makes for an adrenaline pumping battle, as well as his warping of the stage itself, not knowing how the stage will be set. His arrows multi arrow shots are a bit annoying but his MEGA arrow is worse, but all are avoidable........ When he goes into his final stage of the BARRAGE OF ARROWS FIRING AT gets more adrenaline pumping as well as the thought "I make one mistake and I'm dead....>_>....". The fight practically tests your guarding skills UP TO AN ELEVEN, as well as the balance of trying to hit him, this fight is a mainly based on that, if you suck as guarding and your strength was low, your as good as dead.

When all cool fights come to a close....well Xigbar's final speech was.......confusing but eh.....beat up one warper of dude there.......

II Xigbar

In all this fight though the prologue was a bit too long, it sufficed with one of hardest fights in KHII (come on admit it) and as I LA like fighting difficult bosses OVER AND OVER, it was surprisingly fun wanting to beat the crud outta him and the reward?...errr..notso much, either way I give this fight a 9/10......El Psy Congroo.....

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