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Yes you read that right!!!...LA did it in 2015 and LA is gonna do it again this year...but in a similar way LA did LA's "400th Anime".

So rules are kinda simple...take it like you will and start voting your nominations

  • The anime need to be in 12 episode-length or less (the reason for this is LA thought this through and if LA had to watch 2 anime BOTH at a 24-25 episode would take too long and thus take more than a month to's not just called Recommendation "Month" March 2016 for nothing)
  • Obviously any anime LA already looked at is already voided
  • NO Winter 2016 anime recommendations please, that will interwine with the first and second bullet point above (for taking PAST March to finish the anime in question and for LA to catch up on another seasonal anime this season - LA got alot on LA's plate for this season is all along with this)
  • LA will only look at the top two most voted animes
  • The votes will be tallied in the comments section of this blog
  • The voting deadline will be at the end of February
    • And obviously if there will be not even two votes on any animes from this blog, this month will be scraped

Sooo what are ya doing???...get thinkin'~!

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