Hai, LA here to bring you LA's opinion on LA's view on the some of the worst Kingdom Hearts bosses.

Several rules applies in this Top 10, first they must be bosses they LA fought thus Days or any other KH games LA hasn't played won't be on this list, the other rule is that whoever is in this list is because of core execution of gameplay as well their conception and overall design.

Finally, LA will be helped with Dr. C.C as well as Lore Aknightfire for this list...sooo without further ado..let's look at the bottom barrel of Kingdom Hearts bosses...

Number 10: Behemoth from Kingdom Hearts
Behemoth KH
Ok let's get straight to the point, this boss was badly executed as a boss. Yeah! soon as we get to the Final Keyhole guess who's guarding it? easy boss. When LA first saw this boss, LA wasn't even intimated. Ohh we have a huge guard hound and his weak point is his horn which is not even guarded properly. Ok seriously this boss was a serious letdown for LA mainly due to YES...we finally got into the Final Keyhole as well as the previous fight of the frustrating Riku-Ansem and then...boom this boss. LA thinks that this boss shouldn't have even existed, this boss feels like a time waster and with an easy strategy as dodge all his easy moves, get up to his horn and wack it, rinse and repeat...this boss is a time-waster. LA hated it when Sora and the gang had to fight Behemoth as SEVERAL mini-bosses throughout the start of the End of the World...GEEEEEZ (we just killed one in the Final Keyhole, WHY DO WE HAVE TO FIGHT MORE OF THEM!?!??!), thanks for cementing in LA's view that this boss is such a TIME WASTER. This boss is only the start of bad bosses...this boss has some leniency due to being the boss before him was Riku-Ansem thus making him easy was pretty good gameplay direction, but other than that this boss felt out of place and easy as he'. Such a...Time waster!
Number 9: Hercules from Kingdom Hearts
Hercules is on this list merely by the same standards of Behemoth being in here. He's too easy, ok fine we went through the tedious Hercules Cup fighting Cloud in the process but is this what LA calls an anti-climax, YES fighting HERC and he's as EASY as Behemoth...-sigh-. What did Phil say?...he's unstoppable by the end of the Cup?...yet a simple barrel thrown at his head can DESTROY his barrier and leave him weaken and able to attack?..*ahem*..HERO LA'S A**!!!. Anti-climax is the best LA can say about the fight against Herc.
Number 8: Volcano and Blizzard Lord from Kingdom Hearts II
-sigh- we get to talk about how stupid Pete is...WHY DID SUMMON TWO HEARTLESS WHO'S WEAKNESS...IS EACH OTHER!?!?!?!?. -sigh-...Volcano and Thunder Lord or even Blizzard and Poison Lord would be better. These two gets this spot because of Pete's incompetence. Yeah let's both get Sora and the gang but just touch each other otherwise we disperse into several Fire Globes or Icy Cubes and get resurrected. How stupid is Pete again?. LA really despises this battle..not because it's hard, far from suffers the same thing the previous entries had...they're TOO SIMPLE. Counterattacking using Reaction commands very time due to their elemental weakness'? EVERY time thus you'll spam it just to win?...EASY. The other detriment these bosses suffer from is unoriginality, FIRE AND BLIZZARD LORD...woooooooo LA is shaking in LA's boots...LA will just freeze or steam ya to kill ya...easy gameplay mechanics and unoriginality are the dents in these bosses. -sigh- why does nearly every Agrabah boss feel like this boss?
Number 7: Dark Zack (Rematch with Terra) from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Zack- Dark Form KHBBS
So from the stifling easy to the crazy hard...LA had ALOT of trouble with this boss and with LA not liking Terra's battle style it was even WORSE. Ok so at first we just have an easy battle towards Zack and then...we have the rematch RIGHT after it and he is just relentless!!!. As soon as the battle starts...OMNISLASH...instant death...really?!?!?!, with Terra's slow dodge and Dark Zack's extremely quick attacks...he is extremely dangerous and you can easily get caught in his chain combo or worse Omnislash which spells instant death. LA hated this boss for being so merciless, quick fighter vs. slow tank?...and those instant combos and Omnislash are too STRONG!!!. This one probably one of LA's only roadblocks while in Terra's storyline bosses and Zack has NO MERCY...LA hated that rematch!!!...screw you Hades!!!
Number 6: Holey Moley from Kingdom Hearts 3D
Holey Moley (Nightmare)
LA had trouble with this boss..understandably since this boss is in LA's list, but that a bit later. Holey Moley is what LA calls another time waster boss through his first phase of needing to kill his hands which appear in "warp holes", then you have to kill the head which is easily found but getting there is a problem due to the boss area being a small maze (thus time waster) but killing the head also come with the head of Holey Moley spraying attacks at you which is also a time waster.Ok remember when LA said this boss is a time waster...HIS ENTIRE PRESENCE IS THIS. Everything from killing his limbs to even GETTING to the guy in the first place..get up out of that warp hole Holey Moley and fight like a Tyranto Rex you coward!!!...*ahem*, it gets worse for LA as due to this boss being a time waster guess what other annoyance you have to put up with during this boss??...DROP GAUGE..YUP that's right, you both trying to beat Holey Moley AND time itself to beat this boss, LA had to retry to kill this boss because LA was sooo slow NOT because Holey Moley was a hard hitter but BECAUSE OF THE TIME...
Number 5: Genie Jafar from Kingdom Hearts II
Jafar (Genie) KHII
Remember in LA's talk about Volcano & Blizzard Lord that Agrabah's bosses are unoriginal and gamplay wise...stupid...HELLO GENIE JAFAR!!!. This is KHII, LA will let Genie Jafar from KH1 slide as this boss is just plain INSULTING TO LA. We get the face Genie Jafar once again and the end result is an unsatisfactory lazily gameplay conceived boss. Come on we get to face a Genie Jafar and all he does is...swipe as us and throw a barrage of fireballs at us...which you can easily use to your ADVANTAGE. His reaction command?...spin him...that's it?...his ultimate attack consists of teleporting you to some sandstorm and he throws buildings at you....which you can easily dodge by spinning yourself. When LA faced this boss, as soon as LA knew LA had to hit his stomach then Reaction command, rinse and repeat. Then once his ultimate attack came into play, it was just an attack to make the battle longer. LA killed Genie Jafar in no time. The fireball counterattack?...COUNTER and head for his stomach which will stop him from using it!!!...for a "Genie", Jafar doesn't seem he went through the Genie guide to absolute destruction...pitifully stupid with pre-telegraphed attacks (let alone unoriginal & avoidable attacks..for a "Genie") and overall an anti-climactic boss...

Lore: ehhhhh...Genie Jafar can't do anything to Lor-

<Genie Jafar swipes Lore away a la Team Rocket style>

LA: Hmmm...maybe Jafar's swipe isn't as useless as it is after al-..uhhh o-

<Jafar swipes LA away as well with LA screaming: Whyyyyy LAAAAA as welllllllllllllllll>

<5 Hours later...>

Number 4: Giant Ursula from Kingdom Hearts
Ursula- Giant Form KH
Another hard boss. Dangerously so. Her only weakness is her head, she's got several attacks which is kinda easy to dodge but one other attack makes the time during this battle LONGER, there will ALWAYS be thunderbolts raining down on you thus you always need to keep moving and with Atlantica's stiff swimming movements very hard in this battle and ohhh you can't dodge in this boss battle sooo sucks to even fight her even more!. Point being is, fine Ursula may have telegraphed attacks but those consistent barrage of thunderbolts can make this boss he' to get through. Locked the Final Keyhole?...she'll then have DOUBLE the HP!! (Purple bar pretty much), have fun with stiff movement controls and constantly getting attacked not only by Ursula but thunderbolts being rained down on you!!
Number 3: Anti-Sora from Kingdom Hearts
Small hitbox???...this boss is gonna be such a pain. Fought in Neverland, well LA always remembers Anti-Sora being such a roadblock let alone a boss of patience. He has a barrage of invincible attacks to "double team" making the battle worse by that matter. The boss is interesting no doubt, having to face yourself but with ramped up abilities you don't even have. With Counter and the Replica moves being some of the more annoying moves done to you with HUGE damage potential (or even 1-2 hit kills) but this boss oddly has a small hitbox for the opportunity to attack him?..just LA?...maybe but still it makes the boss even worse to fight due to his small hitbox and with the chance to even combo him is lucky enough and this boss has ALOT of HP. There is one other thing that makes this one of LA's most hated bosses...we have to fight him right?...then what happens?...he just no one ever mentions him again...seriously???...he was pretty much a filler boss and you made him annoying to fight in the first place and he NEVER gets mentioned again throughout your stay in Neverland?...ANNOYING FI-LL-ER-BO-SS!!!..ohh and did LA forgot to mention? have to fight Captain Hook STRAIGHT after that!!!...<sarcasm>...nice</sarcasm>
Number 2: Ice Titan from ANY Kingdom Hearts LA has played
Ice Titan KH
<LA hears Dr. C.C laughing>...y-yeah exactly. Ok let's start with the BBS boss battle, dodge Ice Titan's ice shards and attack his legs and with Aqua being a magic-based character, use Firaga. Get near him and melee to attack the legs. As for Hades...well Hades doesn't count towards making Ice Titan any better!. Now for the original game...he's a superboss...excuse LA...<LA starts laughing along with Dr. C.C>..seriously for a "Superboss" this guy is extremely easy, if you know the tactic..what was it again, dodge his upper icicles and when he starts throwing the barrage of icicles at you, guard...and it does SUBSTANTIAL damage to him as the target is the head. He doesn't change tactic, for a superboss he's really lacking. So it's no WONDER both LA and Dr. C.C would laugh at this boss, all of his renditions...are extremely easy with a lack of gameplay extras...again for a superboss as well as duel battle with both Ice Titan and Hades...just...he's too da*n easy and just has no flair. Soooo...again...<LA and Dr. C.C laughs even harder>...ahh but seriously...Ice Titan had sooo much potential but at the very end he has none making for a lackluster boss with hardly anything to make him any fun..unless you want to see a boss where his ONE attack that kills him or having Hades on your tail...well...they still don't make this boss any better...just..ughhh..come on...your a "Superboss" not a pushover...Ice Titan...go melt in a summer vacation's heat and Hades find more competent suck at your minion recruitment!!
Note: LA was going to put Rock Titan in this spot, however he may be a pushover but considering he's the final seed in the Hades Cup...well that's his only grace...making the final boss from a 50 seed Cup...yeah...LA can let that slide, even if Rock Titan is more of a pushover than Ice Titan.

And so...which boss was the worst for LA, which boss frustrated LA to no end that he/she is cheap in gameplay to the design being stupid?...well...

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