Time to look at LA's Top 10 Unversed

One rule for this list, they MUST be enemies NOT bosses, every other unversed counts. So don't expect any Vanitas or Iron Imprisoner on this list.

Sooo without further ado..let's look at the some of LA's Top 10 Unversed

Number 10: Monotrucker
Monotrucker (Official) KHBBS
Well to start things picking off...we got the Unversed inspired by the mines of the Seven Dwarves and the designs overall to these Unversed with the little touches of the helmet and the pickaxe arms as well as the trolley wheelies makes for an intriguing design. Gameplay wise, they are linear fighters and somewhat dim...but the little details to this Unversed make it...intriguing.
Number 9: Shoegazer
Shoe Gazer
Well this is an odd choice for LA but these guys are weird in a good way. Who ever thought that a shoe can make a good defense?...the body of these little guys are in the hole of the shoe and uses the shoe as a shield, they also stomp on LA says again...who ever thought a shoe would make a good weapon and shield?
Number 8: Mandrake
These status ailment attackers are quite annoying but you can easily see them with their leaves sticking out, THUNDER THEM. Also their status ailments may be annoying with poison to confuse but they make for some interesting enemies, pretty much Kingdom Hearts vers. of the Malboro from the Final Fantasy series but more...cutezly annoying.
Number 7: Hareraiser
Hareraiser (Official) KHBBS
Bunny!...with ears of DOOM. These little bunny Unversed are very much an offensive, defensive role for gameplay wise, design's a wee little bunny with ears of doom...LA doesn't know why this Unversed is even in this spot but...fate?
Number 6: Tank Toppler
Illimitable Tank
These guys can get HUGE. Ok these guys are pretty much steam tanks which can blow steam as attacks as well as body blow you when he has enough steam. That is the entire reason why this Unversed deserves this spot, it's a nice concept and the gameplay effects it has makes this Unversed very well done. Even if the gameplay mechanics on this Unversed is pretty annoying to the point of blocking your attacks when he has enough steam >_>
Number 5: Triple Wrecker
Vile Face
A three thier Unversed, sorta like Guard Armour but as an enemy and more elemental. These three totem Unversed make up this one, Fire, Blizzard and Thunder. LA likes the design of this Unversed even if their gameplay mechanics is Elemental Rock Paper...PHYSICAL BRAWLING KILL. Nice design with elemental shades to it...
Number 4: Wild Bruiser
Wild Bruiser
A HUGE APE LIKE UNVERSED. These guys are all brute force Unversed and those arms are THICK. However this is kinda ironic as you can easily use YOUR BRUTE FORCE to take them down or even magic to make these tanks into a weak glass tank instead. Designs wise the ape idea is pretty ok as the Wild Bruisers are in a jungle for the most part, but LA likes these guys mainly because...of their EXP!!!
Number 3: Sonic Blaster
Sonic Blaster
These guys are pretty cool lookin'. Mainly because they first are scanners but as soon as target you they will start shooting at you, the transforming Unversed are pretty fun designs giving off that "Deep Space" atmosphere. Although gameplay wise, their "scanner" mode is pretty stupid, LA would want something like sword mode that can change into shooter mode, the scanner just feels like a "wait timer" while LA wails on these guys. However the gameplay and design wise is pretty awesome and being this high on the list, these Unversed are awesome, just LA wanted that scanner to be sword or something better than a "scanner".
Number 2: Blobmob
Jelly Ball
Blobmob is a most interesting Unversed. It looks like a jellyfish which if not killed quickly will continually split up and make a random battle encounter into an unexpected "mob" of a battle. Again the design of this Unversed is interesting, it looks like one of the retro candy/toy vendors and gameplay wise it's interesting even for a simplistic yet annoying battle. Interesting battle-wise, cool design.

Now for some Honorable mentions...

  • Buckle Bruisers
  • Vile Phials
  • Archravens ("was" suppose to take the 2nd spot)
  • Spiderchests
  • Floods
Number 1: Chrono Twister
Chrono Twister
Chrono Twister...ahh Chrono Twister...sure they may be hourglass Unversed with some power over time, but that entire concept is AWESOME. Seriously when have you been scared of a hourglass that controls time....ohhh right every time travel movie. *ahem* point being is that Chrono Twister has an impressive gameplay mechanics for an enemy controlling time with Stop and with Stop he can spin around causing MAJOR damage as it becomes "stacked on damage". It's design may it simple is still having concept of time and that is cool. Great gameplay mechanics to the point you need to kill it first (although it's sad for LA because of it) and simple but thoughtful design...Chrono Twister gets 1st!

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