Time to look at LA's Top 10 Nobody Enemies

Several rules applies in this Top 10, first they must be enemies in which it's games LA has played thus Days or any other KH games LA hasn't played won't be on this list,however considering that all of the list will be from Kingdom Hearts II that rule is kinda redundant, they MUST BE enemies within the Nobody category, they CANNOT be bosses thus Twilight Thorn and the Organization member bosses will be exempt and they will be in another Top 10.

Sooo without further ado..let's look at the some of LA's Top 10 Nobody Enemies from the Kingdom Hearts franchise!...

Number 10: Creeper
Creeper KHII
Ok you knew this enemy would be in last place, merely because it is the weakest of the Nobodies, EVEN weaker than Dusks!!!...and only has 2 forms to attack, shield where they try to bump you and sword where they swing at you. This is just LA's fan theory but LA thought that Creeper's Organization member leader is Zexion, just a theory mind you. Anyways, weakest Nobody class and no doubt even without a reaction command to kill it quicker...these guys are a weak annoyance to the real enemy threats.
Number 9: Dusk
Yeah..obvious. Ok Dusks do have something better than those Creepers, they have a reaction command that allows you to Never get hit by them with good timing, Reversal allows you to make those Dusks get confused before they launch their attack, and Reversal can be used ABUSIVELY (although don't think that a mob of these guys won't get you hit), nice concept of design as they are human like but can contortion the (much like all the rest of the Nobody enemies). Human like with an ok reaction command to completely screw over attack plans...still Creepers and Dusks are a lower-class Nobodies...more below are ALL high ranking class it's kinda to be expected that Dusks and Creepers would be this low on the list.
Number 8: Berserkers
Berserker KHII
LA was contemplating whether to put Dancers in here, but...Berserkers' ultimate attack sequence is too long and has a bit of weakness thus it lands here. Berserkers are Saix' minions and by god are they annoying, it's their ultimate attack that really annoys LA,yes, LA knows that berserkers are meant to...go berserk and do consecutive attacks...but THAT is too much...if our lower leveled while fighting these things be prepared to be pummeled or even killed because of their ultimate attacks. Unless your smart and use magic near them while they try to pummel you, then you can be saved. LA always use Thunder before they try to initiate their ultimate attack. Tanks, with a crazy ultimate attack brought down by magic...still these guys ARE ANNOYING.

Number 7: Gamblers
Gambler KHII
Get rich quick scheme in an enemy. Gamblers are Luxord's minions and care more about playing games than fighting you, much like Luxord himself ain't that right? Gamblers are in this spot as they well as LA stated earlier care more about playing games than attacking you and if you want easy money, these guys are the best ticket to do that...even more if they are in a mob entirely of these guys. Annoyance?...he' no, as you can make money with a timed minigame, and with good timing you can get boatloads of money...if you miss however be prepared to be turned into a card or dice and wait it out. Slacker of an enemy but a good payoff for playin' their games...but if you wanna just kill them...just do it, they don't mind. Also their design is a bit weird in LA's opinion...a Nobody insignia head with wee arms and jester's feet...they look MORE LIKE A JESTER THAN A GAMBLER!
Number 6: Snipers
Sniper KHII
Sniper are under Xigbar's rein and to be frank his minions are a bit stupid. They have the power of space and time and they fire shots similar to Xigbar himself, however where these minions fall is with their reaction command which pretty much allows you kill them with enough space. They attack with either their snipers or sniper shots, so best to stay away from them until they launch their shots,however their shots takes time to load, so you can thrash them...if they did load fast enough they shot at you and if you get the reaction command have free will to spam that reaction command to kill them QUICKER. Yeah...they may be under LA's favourite Organization member but these guys as cool as their designs and contortions are, gameplay wise they are kinda stupid.

Number 5: Dancers
Dancer KHII
LA really hates these things, but makes a formidable foe. Being the minions Demyx, these guys can be VERY brutal to you, with their watery movements and their devastating final kick move that could end you in a ONE-hit KILL, these Dancers are very annoying with NO way of stopping their final kick move unless you kill them, they can become a VERY dangerous hazard to come across especially in mobs. Kinda why LA but these enemies on this spot, hard movements and a final kick move if not dodged your pretty much dead..or going to die.
Number 4: Assasins
Assassin KHII
Does anyone know who control these guys?. *ahem*, Assasins can go inside the ground and thus cannot be attacked, cept once again like the Berserkers can be attacked with magic. Assasins can attack majestically and have a bit of delay on their attacks. The only thing that makes these guys on this spot is their reaction command, with the right timing, if you use Fail-Safe when other Assasins are inside the ground,they too along with the one your holding will take MASSIVE damage. Seriously any one know who these guys are controlled by?..Axel?..Marluxia?...maybe?
Number 3: Dragoons
Being the minions of Xaldin, these guys can be ALOT of fun with some patience. Yes they look like Dragon Lancers and they have a cool design and some of their contortions are pretty weird, but the main reason is because of their reaction command of Learn which allows you to pummel them. A cool design and an even cooler way of decimating them with THEM giving you a chance to use their OWN ATTACKS AGAINST THEM...karma ain't that awesome?
Number 2: Sorceresses
Sorcerer KHII
Ahhh yes, Xemnas' minions and one of the strongest of it's kind. Sorceresses has a couple of cubes where it can do a barrage of attacks on you and if in mobs, your in for a bit of trouble. La likes these guys mainly because of their attack sequences and overall design being similar to Xemnas, he' their contortions go near transparent at times, worst thing about these guys is that they have no reaction commands to kill them faster, sooo yes these minions may be the strongest of it's kinds and their attacks are punishing if caught, but this isn't the strongest Top 10, this is LA's favourite Top 10. LA likes these guys for, character designs, attacks and difficulty.

Number 1: Samurai's
If you did the process of elimination, then yes, you have predicted LA would have chosen Samurai's. Samurai's are Roxas' minions and awesome ones at that, their designs and attacks and their reaction commands are some of the best enemies designs LA has seen...well for Nobodies anyways. Samurai's has that design of duh being samurai's, what the thing that intrigues LA are their heads being like that of a samurai's head plate and their swords at the back. Their reaction command makes it a really fun minigame, when you initiate the reaction command, it's the timing of when you'll slice them or YOU'LL get sliced (even the possibility of dying because of your timing as some of the Samurai's are deadly in the final world). Awesome designs, awesome attacks, awesome reaction commands...these guys are LA's favourite Nobody enemies!!!

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