Hai, so LA already looked at LA's worst Kingdom Hearts Bosses so LA would think looking at the other end of the spectrum. So LA is here to bring you LA's opinion on LA's view on the some of the best Kingdom Hearts bosses.

Several rules applies in this Top 10, first they must be bosses they LA fought thus Days or any other KH games LA hasn't played won't be on this list, the other rule is that whoever is in this list is because of core execution of gameplay as well their conception and overall design.

Sooo without further ado..let's look at the some of LA's favourite bosses from the Kingdom Hearts franchise!...

Number 10: Opposite Armour from Kingdom Hearts
Opposite Armor KH
There is just something about Opposite Armour that appeals to LA. Maybe it's because of his designs?...Ummmm...YES!!!. This is a boss that's a REARRANGEMENT of a previous boss Guard Armour just beefed up and he has his own set of attacks, though he floats, doesn't that mean he's standing on his hands for most of the battle?. Either way, LA really likes this boss, at first when Guard Armour appeared, LA thought "Ohh you wanna another beating?.."...until THAT CUTSCENE...bravo on making a boss who was looked like a pushover at first become menacing with his floating limbs and his opened helmet showing those Heartless eyes...LA really liked the design of this guy and what's more is that his new sets of moves were pretty fun as well. Cannon body?...tornado arms?, his own head used as a swinging weapon?...original concept from an already existing boss...very nice.
Number 9: Pete (Final Battle in Timeless River) from Kingdom Hearts II
Ok as annoying Pete is, this is one of the more enjoyable battles LA fought. It's a simple and easy battle but the entire battle has one key feature. Pete teleporting and transporting IN scenery that goes against and FOR you. LA really enjoyed this battle due this gimmick and this gimmick can goes against Pete many a times and with Timeless Pete as an ally to bodyslam both you and Pete puts another twist into it. It's crazy, it fun and all the scenery changes are a great additions towards this battle and makes this battle is pretty fun overall. Pete, you may be an annoying pushover...but at the very least your final battle was enjoyable!
Number 8: Braig (Terra's Story) from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Yes, Terra's Story, it's not a typo. Braig is just one of LA's favourite bosses in Terra's Story, having the near same style as his Nobody counterpart and it felt like a fair balance treatment to Terra's gamestyle. Terra is a heavy tanker and his GUARD is essential and really this battle was fun as it was a reminiscence of his Nobody battle counterpart and that was LA's hook to liking this battle, what's more for Terra's Story, as LA hated Terra's story and gameplay mechanics but this fight was pretty fun to play even as Terra.
Number 7: Scar from Kingdom Hearts II
There is something LA really likes about Scar's fight, maybe the music?, maybe it's because you can dash AND hit Scar while Scar goes elemental crazy on you?...maybe it's all of them. Seriously this fight is soo much fun if you've equipped the right "Lion abilities"...slide and attacking, paw fighting when you get too melee to that music in the's just sooo cool. Scar is no pushover either as he uses elemental attacks to pummel you and his ultimate attack of the "darkness charge" is pretty fun to dodge. This is one of the only fights in the Pride Lands, LA remembers and had fun with and the battle was awesome!!!
Number 6: Saix from Kingdom Hearts II
Saïx KHD
LA ISN'T MASOCHIST!!!!. Ok seriously for a fun challenging battle, the fight with Saix is one of the best, if you can keep up with his lunacy. The fight is fast-paced and keeps you on your toes, he's not exact "trolling battle" material, he's close due to his ultimate attack (which is consistent barrage of rush attacks for well over 3 minutes). But if you can keep your resources well intact you can pummel Saix before he pummels you!!!. LA thinks this is a fun fight nevertheless, he isn't a pushover and lets you have a *ahem* pardon the pun swing at him before you goes full crazy. Challenging with a bit of crazy...LA loves it.
Number 5: Iron Prisoner (ALL FORMS) from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Iron Prisoner Iron Prisoner II Iron Prisoner III Iron Prisoner IV
LA REALLY ISN'T A MASOCHIST!!!. All the Iron Prisoner battles are pulse pounding battles in LA's view of things. We first see the caged Unversed like a simple Unversed buffed up,but as the forms starts coming up and with his restraints coming off, you can see that this boss it something to be dealt with. LA will talk mainly about the final form battle as that's where the point of why this boss is in this spot. The final form, if you've played BBS and played the Villains' Vendetta, your gonna see all forms of this boss and he's NO PUSHOVER. The final form is a relentless attacker and when he goes below a certain HP, he does his ultimate attack with him disappearing and throwing debris...LA kinda gets an adrenaline rush just fighting him. LA thinks this boss has a bit of a metaphor, what's small and restrained, if you let it loose, it can come to bite you, appearance ain't everything...and the final form's giblet can vouch for that. This boss may be hard, but by god does the adrenaline rush feel great while fighting him!
Number 4: Oogie Boogie (sans Oogie Manor) from Kingdom Hearts I & II
Oogie Boogie KH
How about some poker play?. LA really likes all the battles with regular sized Oogie. It's formulaic fine, but it's still fun. In the first game, we're on a circular arena similar to a poker table where we have to deal with Oogie's dices then press the right button to start wailing on him, rinse and repeat, the fun comes from all the little details on this fight making itself memorable and whole atmosphere brings out the "death game" feel. As for the second game's fight, it's ok enough with you being in a conveyor be;t having to throw presents into Oogie's station and having it collapse then wail on him. It's not the gameplay that makes this fight memorable, it's the little details as if the whole battle is in itself a game. Deathly playful, Oogie's fights will always be memorable!
Number 3: Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts II
Xigbar KHII
Ok this one was gonna be obvious, as LA already put Braig on this list for similar reasons, but this fight just gets LA's adrenaline rush out, not to mention he's LA's favourite Organization member. His fight is soo memorable even though it's a fight as a roadblock to Sora and company but still his roadblock is soo much fun as long as you can avoid his zillions bullet rampage move. Xigbar brings out the rush of adrenaline very well for him to be extremely quick and for you to dodge his bullets, then he changes movements when things gets tough with transporting the arena to his liking (which LA finds very cool) and his final attack, though it's tediously long, as long as you avoid it, he's acceptably challenging and LA loves a balanced challenge. LA's favourite Organization fight and LA's favourite Organization members, no duhhh his fight will be THIS high!

Number 2: Mysterious Figure from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Unknown KHBBS
Ok now LA knows that this pick, LA is gonna get a lot of "WHAT...WHY!!!?!??!?!!?" as well "LA's such a masochist" comments pointed at LA for this, but here's the thing, what's sooo great about Mysterious Figure?, he's just a trolling superboss who can kill you in 2 hits?..why?. Well..the music is AWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSOME, to the point LA would go back to Land of Departure just to fight him again. The other thing LA should note would have to be that's he's an enigma (until 3D) and when you just see him,you think?...ohhh nooo...and then die. But, he's one of the ONLY clues to what occurred in 3D so obviously LA was curious about this guy and battled him...A LOT, as in beat him twice with EVERY character A LOT. That music is stored in LA's head because LA did such a feat. His fighting style is also...trolling as well as a bit innovative although the advantage goes to him not you, but it's still cool, like randomly tossing your commands, reversing time and his ultimate attack which involves METEOR, seriously?!?!?!. This superboss is soo high in the spot, because *ahem* he deserves the name of a superboss and his fighting style isn't like anything from any of the other bosses in BBS and his musical battle theme is awe inspiring to listen to...

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