Time to look at LA's Top 10 Battle Themes

Several rules applies in this Top 10, first they must be battle themes in which it's games LA has played thus Days or any other KH games LA hasn't played won't be on this list and Remixes of other tracks do count, but the limit is only one.

Sooo without further ado..let's look at the some of LA's Top 10 Battle Themes from the Kingdom Hearts franchise!...

Number 10: Tension Rising
Tension Rising
Look lively people, this battle theme will get you in the mood to wack someone!!!. No seriously, this battle theme all thing considered when LA first heard it LA felt like wanting break something and with that eerie background music to back up the "mysteriousness of the fight" all the more made it into this spot. It has that mysterious vibe and that bit of adrenaline to get LA to fight properly to see what happens next!
Number 9: The Deep End
The Deep End
Anyone having a bit of nostalgia listening to this bad boy of a battle theme? Mainly this battle theme arises when your facing off a HUGE boss and that battle theme title really shows...*cough* Rock Titan *cough* *cough* Giant Ursula *cough*...triumphant ballad to a HUGE cause of a boss...strike fear!!! and this battle theme showed it.
Number 8: The 13th Struggle
The 13th Struggle KHII
Similar to Tension Rising, this battle theme was given the eerie feeling of a boss theme and that mysteriousness, though it doesn't strike as much a boss theme, but here's the thing...THOSE TRUMPETS..Struggle???...too right!!!...LA is struggling to get those trumpets outta LA's head!
Number 7: Forze del Male
Forze Del Male
Ohhh yeah this theme both annoyed and loved those orchestral moments of this battle theme. Reasons for being annoying, having to fight Riku-Ansem soo many times and being defeated thus having to drill this theme into LA's head as to how menacing this theme is and the orchestral track shows it. Annoying and amazing...
Number 6: Guardando nel buio
Guardando nel buio
Who likes ominous choirs???...well this one is built for ya!. Being the final boss theme for KH1, this battle theme brings all the despair, adrenaline and chaos that any monstrosity of a final boss will give ya and this battle theme's ominous choir is creepy.
Number 5: A Fight to the Death
A Fight to the Death
Ohh yeah now the ominous choir is given a bit of a techno spin in it and this time..THAT PIANO. Used during the first section of Final battle of KH2, LA has to give props to the piano and that techno ominous choir..did LA mention LA really likes ominous choirs yet???

Dr. C.C: didn't you like the Kyuusei Argyros ending theme from Tokyo ESP?

LA: No duhhhh...
Kyuusei Argyros..glorious ominous choir!!!
Number 4: Enter the Darkness
Enter the Darkness
Ohh yeah...Vanitas' battle theme?...LA having Vanitas as 1# favourite boss is no joke and this battle theme is the icing on the cake. Adrenaline pumping with the tense background music you gotta love Enter the Darkness!
Number 3: The 13th Dilemma
The 13th Dilemma
One of thee best Organization battle themes, having that tense atmosphere along with that mysteriousness of Tension Rising and that piano!!!. LA loves this battle theme, it kinda why LA likes to face off against Xigbar, Xaldin and Saix is just to hear this battle theme again and seriously LA just loves the dark mysterious and yet tense atmosphere this battle theme brings...and it's GLORIOUS.
Number 2: Dark Impetus
Dark Impetus
THAT FRICKIN' VIOLIN!!!. Dark Impetus got all the styling of a great adrenaline pumpin' battle theme with the huge intense background music of a bit of techno. Seriously there was a reason why LA fought Unknown 3 times on all of LA's characters...THAT MUSIC, if the MUSIC leads you to fighting one the most frustrating superbosses THRICE just to enjoy the battle theme, then this theme DEFINITELY gets this spot. Unknown you magnificent b*stard and your AWESOME battle theme!

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