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With LA's retirement, LA decided to bring some things to full circle, whether it be LA's anime stuff or KH days.

If you wanted closure before LA's retirement, well here you go.....and go easter egg hunting for some of these info!


  • There is an aborted arc for LA's anime reviews on it's main page, the arc was about Producer who was mentioned a couple of times, well Producer was actually going to be a villain where Producer just kept giving LA worse and worse animes to review and then LA wanted to "defeat" Producer to the point so that LA wanted to change LA's style of reviewing. Why was this arc aborted?, well time and that LA's reviews immediately changed style while the process of this was going on thus it kinda ended up that way...
  • K-chan is Kurisu Makise...THE CLUES ARE THERE...seriously search through the anime extra's...and the evidence is obvious.
  • *-chan is Wilhelmina Carmel
  • LA DID want to collaborate more with other anime reviewers from the site, however LA just got busy at times, the collaboration idea came from Bennett the Sage
    • One such was a trio collaboration with Chainoffire and FinalRest in Code Geass (LA wanted to do something like a podcasting review using FinalRest's review as a base ground), it NEVER got off the ground.
    • Lore Aknightfire was suppose to die from the collaboration anime review with Chainoffire of Danganronpa: The Animation (Lore's vers. not LA's), however, since Chainoffire got busy, Lore stayed...-sigh-
  • With almost 60 episodes of LA's anime extra's...LA wanted to get to 100
  • If you REALLY wanted to know, in terms of seiyuu's, LA really liked Rie Kugimiya, LA's REAL persona liked Shizuka Ito more
    • Thus if you didn't notice the extra tidbit, who are the two characters on LA's anime main page banner?...Shana who is voiced by Rie Kugimiya and Hinagiku Katsura who is voiced by Shizuka Ito
      • On speaking of which, Lore showed interest in Yoko Hisaka, main reason?...well was LA's perverted side showing as Yoko Hisaka was known in voicing some *ahem* sexy anime girls.
      • Dr. C.C's favourite seiyuu Saki Fujita is a reflection to LA's yuri fan side as Saki Fujita voiced a character from Yuru Yuri
  • LA completely forgot to add in Shou Tucker as 2# in LA's Top 10 WORST Parents in Anime in anime extra's...
  • LA's clones ONLY purpose was to do LA's reviews while LA was in *cough* media purgatory *cough*...after that they became nothing but satellite characters.
  • LA will say this again and again but LA's Second Season Monogatari series review was LA WORST anime review LA ever did, LA just couldn't change it due to the Retrospectives that were going on (which LA would have later covered again in better detail), but because of this, it was stain in LA's mind as to how BADLY LA can do a which there were NO reviewing (just mindfuckery)...LA IS SOO SORRY about that one. If you want LA's true feelings on the second season of Monogatari it's this, it's the middle point for most of the characters arcs, most go through leaps and bounds, but in which direction is your guess, LA's favourite arc would have to be the surprising Nadeko Medusa's arc, but overall the change in plot as a series mostly about talking about anomalies, the second season really gripped it's teeth to better focus on the girls of the series in a more detailed light. It's a great season and deserved a better review from LA.
    • Also the Second Season Monogatari review was the review that MADE the change to LA's current, more detailed explained reviewing style.
  • LA Ohh so wanted to do a Gunparade Orchestra review (A sorta sequel to LA's eyes a dismal Gunparade March), reason why LA couldn't?...LA didn't have the anime simple.


  • LA was planning to start and FINISH LA's KH3D walkthrough but you know...anime reviews got LA busier than usual, LA was also before LA's retirement wanted to at least finish it but timing came in again and thus is forever on hiatus.
  • LA wanted to be in the Twilight Times as an know why LA couldn't...
  • Funny thing, LA doesn't know if this is gloating or not, but LA was inspired by the Fairy Tail magazine in the Fairy Tail wiki to have something like that here.....thus along with FinalRest, we got Twilight Times.
  • Finally, LA was the "first" to make some trends within the wiki, such as "arena's" to "competitions"...LA wasn't called the "Deity of Fandom" for nothing.


  • Chain did you remember this little conservation?...LA was thinking of making a movie with some of the wiki-users...IN REAL LIFE. LA wanted to make a trilogy of movie in lines of Suburban Knights from Channel Awesome but with anime as a base-line story. The first was gonna be a Mirai Nikki kind murder mystery, the next one was (if LA can remember) a sci-fi anime one and the final one synopsis was never thought up...reason LA didn't get this started?...well once again Father Time has to piss LA off with scheduling (and many of the users being busy includ. Chain), LA needed an actual budget, let alone trying to bring 4 other people from USA to NZ would be costly.
  • A recent thought was if you haven't noticed in LA's 12 Days of Reviewing blog that the last bit had a bit of stinger with a Shortland Street 2016 trailer...LA was by the end of the year to a final hoora to NEVER talk about this awful NZ show ever again. If you want LA's final thoughts on it now...<LA breathes in>'s a show that has run for 20+ years now, but it's BEHIND the times, sure it has it's "defining" characters changes that NZ has quote "never done in TV", but those are only surface deep, they NEVER do proper commentary on it, if they try to do anything it's either WAAAAAAY to cliche with no thought and use it as drama-bait and "revolutionary" to lure unsuspecting and stupid pre-teens to watch this garbage of a show. Acting is atrocious, the plot is a recycled mess with swappable character faces and quite hypocritical asshole characters to carry on the repetitive nature (thus is what LA sees why in the fuck has this series been going on for 20+ years, if these "trends" can easily be noticed...Shortland Street writers...we aren't FUCKING IDIOTS). When "cartoons *cough* anime" can do better commentary on human nature of society than a god damn live action drama show zombie...YOU DONE FUCKED UP. NZ TV industry know when a good thing is good and done for...move on, this is like trying to move an already rotting corpse to someone's house and saying "Ohh he's OK"...stop bloodying the floors Shortland Street

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