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Well you read the title and everything, LA's 400th Anime is coming up soon and yes, even though LA's Youtube channel is still running (with some problems *ahem*)...LA is still here ONLY for anime purposes so...reason for this blog is simple, LA was thinking and thinking and thinking for LA's 400th anime but LA kept getting nowhere. So LA will let YOU guys decide. The anime with the most votes before Fall 2015 Anime season ends (hmmm from this blog post date Legend of Legends, LegendAqua 22:38, October 31, 2015 (UTC) to hmmm give it a 4 week deadline), LA will review it here.

One little simple rule, animes that LA already looked at are obviously impossible to look at.

If you don't have any ideas either choose from these as they were LA's choices but couldn't decide which one...

  • Elfen Lied
  • Serial Experiment Lain
  • Kuragahime

Finally if there are NO votes within this blog by the time the 4 week deadline finishes...this blog was a waste of time.....thank you. -.-

  • Note - LA might continue LA's anime extra's very soon...and it just depends on LA's Youtube channel schedule. LA's arena is closed indefinitely though

Time Limit

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