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Soooo this little tidbit came to LA's mind...sooo how about some Kingdom Hearts jokes here and know just because LA wanted to for the lulz. Now some may be "offensive" or "crude" in a sense to the game or fandom in some respect, please be in mind that it's for pure entertainment purposes ONLY and it's not in LA's true opinion and views of the series in both senses of the game or it's fandom for these jokes, if you go flame war on this WILL be cruelly mocked by not reading this in the first place. Please bear this in mind. Now nuff rules..time for some jokes!

LA: So I once ran into Xemnas, I said to him..."What other alias do you have?"
He replied: Ansem...
LA: Anything else?
Xemnas: I...I...I...I don't wanna talk about it

2. What happens when Sora and Donald are clueless?

3. What Heartless are dead on arrival?
Angel Star...

4. What are the first thing Rare Truffle's would say if they could talk?
Rare Truffle: I'm sooo f**king high man.........~

5. What kind of music would Red Nocturne, Blue Rhapsody, Yellow Opera and Green Requiem play together?...

6. Why does Darkside have a heart shaped hole in his chest?
Because everyone hates him...

7. LA: Wait so Unversed are created from negative emotions right? how in the world are Vile Phial created?
LA: Go Home Vanitas, your drunk...

8. Oi Wild Bruiser stop monkeying around...

9. What is the one thing Xaldin can't do right?...

10. So why can't Dancer have a Reaction Command?
Because you can't dance with nobody...


11. Why does Ice Titan throw ice shards at you?
Because only Sora can break the ice...

Shana - Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter Full Metal Aqua
TALK - Take this! The flame of retribution!
Thank You, Thank You...if you liked these kind of jokes and wants more...well...comment below or ya'know just comment about the jokes...LA didn't leave the commenting tab checked for nothing.

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