Kiritsugu Emiya
Role Master, Ally
Origin Fate/Zero
Home World Nasuverse: The Holy Grail War
Katakana 衛宮切嗣
Romaji Emiya Kiritsugu
English Voice
Kirk Thornton
Japanese Voice
Rikiya Koyama
"However, humans did not realize that truth no matter how high they staked their mountains of corpses. That’s because in no matter what era the courageous and fearless great heroes have always bedazzled the eyes of the multitude with their splendid heroic legends. Because of the wistful actions of those idiots and their refusal to admit that bloodshed is by itself evil, the essence of humans has stayed on the same spot since the Stone Age!"
—Kitisugu to Sora

Emiya Kiritsugu is a character in Kingdom Hearts III, serving as an ally, he participated in the 4th Holy Grail War to obtain the Holy Grail for world peace. He was a freelancer and infamously known as the Magus Killer.


Kingdom Hearts III

Summoning of the Servant

Upon going to Fuyuki City with the artifact with Irisviel, they both go to the church. There Kiritsugu began the summoning process and thus summoned the Servant Sora. Seeing Sora, Kiritsugu asks Irisviel to stay with Sora, she accepts and says that Sora is now Kiritsugu's Master and leaves the church, leaving Sora bewildered on whats going on.

Sora talks to Irisviel asking what the Holy Grail War is. When Sora knew what he would be getting into, he accepts, however Kiritsugu merely sighs and carries on walking away from the church.

Later, Kiritsugu, Irisviel and Sora makes their way to the Einzbern Castle in Russia to prepare for the incoming Holy Grail War. After seeing Kiritsugu with Ilya outside the Castle showing off his brighter side, Sora and Irisviel discusses why Kiritsugu is showing no emotions to Sora, Irisviel explains that they both knew of his legend and as to why they were so surprised that Kirisugu summoned him. Sora however tells Irisviel that Kiritsugu shows promise seeing Kiritsugu like that.

Couple days later, they depart for Fuyuki City once more, to begin the Holy Grail War.

Holy Grail War begins...

In a hotel, he mets up with Maiya, there they both see a video tape of Assassin being killed off by Toikomi's Servant, they begin to speculate that Kirei did this in purpose. Kiritsugu later gets a vibe that a Servant has shown himself, Maiya and him later depart for the docks.

On the docks' crane, Kiritsugu sees Sora battling Lancer, Kiritsugu seeing everything from the scope of his rifle also manages to spot Assassin..he orders to Maiya to keep a eye on Assassin while he keeps an eye on Sora and Lancer, however while seeing the fight, Rider appears to "negotiate". Kiritsugu seemingly unpleased relays the new Servant appearing to Maiya and anything on Assassin. However then the Servant who killed Assassin appears along with Berserker. He sees Gilgamesh, "the Kings of Kings" fight Berserker, however Gilgamesh then leaves abruptly. Slightly ticked off, he continues to see to fight below, however Lancer's Master orders Lancer to team up with Berserker to kill Sora. He then orders Maiya to sniper down Assassin, while he snipers Lancer's Master to end it all. However Rider pummels down Berserker with his chariot, ending the team up and stopping Maiya and Kiritsugu for snipping, Lancer's Master tells Lancer to flee. Sora talks to Rider about the fights are only just beginning and departs. Sora now wounded and unable to move his left hand, departs with Irisviel to their mansion to recover, with Kiritsugu and Maiya skulking back as well.


Back at Archibald's hotel (Lancer's Master), Archibald talks to her fiancee about the fortified fortress of a hotel he created, however a fire alarm sprung but before too long, the ENTIRE hotel exploded from the ground up, leaving only 10 floors left. Kiritsugu relaying the info to Maiya saying the hotel had been destroyed tells Maiya that the mission is done and they make their way back to Einzbern Mansion (Fuyuki's not RUSSIA's), however Kiritsugu only hears static. Kiritsugu worried leaves for the mansion to recover.

At the mansion, Sora pleads to Kiritsugu why he can't fight, Kiritsugu says that the other Servant's going after Caster would make a better rival therefore Sora won't need to fight yet. Sora disagrees and argues with Kiritsugu calling him a coward. Kiritsugu talks with Irisviel about him being in the Holy Grail War talking about him saving the world at the cost of Ilya however before anything else, Irisviel feels 2 presence' a Master...the other a Servant. Irisviel says that one is Lancer's Master...the other is Caster. Sora asks Kiritsugu for him to protect the castle from Caster and save the children, Kiritsugu merely agrees and that he'll deal with the Master.

Sora departs and finds the mutilated bodies of the children, they talk, Sora asking for the kid to be released, Sora comforts the child, until he too dies from the monsters, Caster however summons monsters around him, there Sora fights Caster's Monsters. Back at the mansion, Kiritsugu asks Maiya to take Irisviel as far away from the mansion as possible, Kiritsugu makes his way to the entrance where he starts to fight Archibald.


He has a reserved, serious and cold personality to his Servant Sora, he only cares about winning the Holy Grail to bring world peace. He deeply cares for his wife and daughter and wanting this to be the final Holy Grail War so that he may be with his family.

Kiritsugu wishes to be a "hero of justice" that protects the weak. He attempts to kill off most of his emotions, acting as the "machine that is Emiya Kiritsugu", in pursuit of his goal. He has managed to become completely devoted to any duty without showing any emotional wavering, though he is prone to fall into moments of extreme emotion and despair occasionally.

In battle, he hardly talks and just asks Sora to defeat them, no matter what, but gives no hints, saying that Sora is competent enough to defeat them.


He takes the appearance of a man in his 30's. He has dark spiky hair, along with black dull eyes. He wears a black longcoat, with a black shirt. He also wears black shoes and black pants and a black tie. He also has Sora's Command Seals on top of his left hand.

This appearance in itself gives him an ominous appearance of a serious professional killer.


Kiritsugu is only average as a magus, and instead specializes as a "Magus Killer." He has a number of specialties that would not make him very notable within the Mage's Association, but instead make him useful for higher-ups when they need an assassin to kill other heretical magi.

Kiritsugu is a very unconventional magus, known as a Spellcaster, that treats magecraft as a mere tool in which he has acquired knowledge rather than the object of his lifelong goals, and he freely supplements it with the use of modern technology to gain an advantage over enemies.

He has the mindset of skilled assassin, and rather than facing another magus in a direct duel of abilities, such as in a battle between their Mystic Codes, he makes use of various plans, traps, and schemes that utilize both magecraft and modern weaponry in order to take out his targets. He preys on the weak point of magi, their negligence from arrogance, which makes them believe that the only threat to them cannot be anything other than a similar magus. He relies on the fact that a self-conscious magus, having stepped into a world of mysteries beyond human intellect, is unable to relate to the stereotypes of a narrower world, such as the conditions of a battlefield or scenarios a regular soldier may face. He follows the methodology that the attack the enemy doesn't expect is a shortcut for all battles, and preys on the fact that they constantly stay on alert to the slightest trace of magecraft.


Kiritsugu is able to work in tandem with multiple parties, but he regards those people simply as "tools" to further his goals. He follows the methodology that Servants are the tools of their Masters, and that no matter how famous the hero, they will be nothing more than that as long as they are summoned as a Servant. Despite Sora being one of the most powerful Servants of the Saber class. Due to Sora's chivalrous preference for direct confrontations and fair battles, it is hard for him to coordinate with her. He instead has Irisviel pretend to act as Sora's Master, while he acts from the shadows.


He uses all state of the art weaponry that are unable to store any prana, which is the "heresy" that earned him his title. He utilizes a large number of different firearms and weapons to kill his targets. He also makes use of personal hand grenades, stun grenades, smoke grenades, C2 plastic explosives, and landmines, and he is skilled in incorporating them into traps with trip wires, hidden fuses, and a detonation system using a cellphone to trigger them through modified communication loops. He has number of Claymores, which simultaneously release around seven hundred steel balls with diameters of only one or two millimeters.

His main weapon of choice is the Thompson Contender, using Origin Bullets which destroy Magic Codes within Mages' body effectively shutting down the Codes, which could be fatal to the Mage, even meaning death as their Magic Codes circuits are also their lifeblood of the body.

Innate Time Control

Kiritsugu is able to slow time, eventually reaching "Time Manipulation", which is the ability to separate the passage of time inside a designated space from the "flow of time" in the outside world.


Emiya Kiritsugu appeared as the main protagonist of the anime Fate/Zero. His role is identical to that of the anime, trying to obtain the Holy Grail by killing off Mages who are participating in the War. Kirk Thornton reprises his role as Kiritsugu in Kingdom Hearts III


  • Essentially by par from the actual plot from Fate/Zero, Sora is made a substitute for Saber, as Sora is summoned and brought to Fuyuki City.
    • On that note Caster thinks Sora is Étienne Corrillaut, Gilles de Rais(Caster) partner in crime. (In the Fate/Zero Caster thought Saber was Joan of Arc...>_> yeah)