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Hey peasants, Dr. C.C here, LA graciously given me another more analytical task due to LA's reviewing getting rather large as it is, so LA has given me this task...reviewing the highs and lows of Kingdom Hearts Bosses!!!...let's get reviewing peasants!


Boss Game Difficultly Perks & Disadvantages Fun Review Rating
Darkside KH
KH1 icon kicking Lore in the face... Using his hand, His dark spore attack, Shadow spawning Mildly... Ok to be blunt, this boss is outrightly making the boss HIT HIMSELF. He doesn't move, he's immobile!!!, but he does punch and does a dark spore attack. It's just one ATTACK ATTACK the hand attack or when you get the chance??...THE HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Due to this boss pretty much being an immobile tank...attack it's weak spot...BOOM!!! all, Darkside may look cool...but the battle is keywalk but for a first tutorial boss...I'll give this boss a chance of not wanting to crush his shadowy head in for being soo stupid and NOT just walking and crushing peasants...bring me a better opponent...trick???...hmmmmmmmm 5/10
Trickmaster KH
KH1 icon Medium. The TABLE, Blizzard, Your height... Annoying to mild... Actually this is tough fight...I KNOW. If you think about it, when you first play this boss for the first time and your well un-equipped...your screwed. The only reason is the fact your tiny...and the only weak spot is in the middle of the boss...which is the height of the table. When Trick does that flaming the batons thing you think your screwed??? them!...but then it wastes your MP...well if you haven't got Cure, USE THEM...simple right?...but still from all, in my opinion it's one of those wake up bosses early on saying "hello......this game ain't a trickwalk ya'know???"...oi Fireline why did you give this boss fire to lit his batons..HUH HUUUUH!?!??!?!?. Hit the core to wail on him and dodge the batons and use blizzard whenever he get's angry. It's a decent wake up boss amalgamating the presence of the Wonderland world he's in...hey LA...does Heartless have genders???...nah...forget it..dumb question. Hmmmm next time...I feel like a bit ICE...bring that opponent in!!! 7/10
Ice Titan
Ice Titan KH
KH1 icon Easy His Icicles, Aero Like playing ice his FACE This guy, is a superboss???...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!!!. Ohhh LA can u just freeze me...this is too funny!!!...ohh come on, at first yes, his HP is on purple, but...BUT...for those who analysis on bosses...this "superboss" is icing on the cake...*rimshot*. Ok really???. Want to know the way to kill him and get A LOT OF EXP for not much effort???...GUARD all his icicles, if he tries to attack u head on???'s simple!!! like, seriously this guy is a cakewalk. GUARD on his icicles and throw them back to his face, if he faints???...attack his face...easy!!!...GUARD, dodge GUARD DONE...again...I'm gonna...HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA~!!!...ohhhh ohhh ohhhh...that was just too good for a Christmas present LA...thank you...this Ice Titan should just melt into a cold drink...ICING ON THE CAKE EASINESS!!!. Ohhh...ohhh again it's just too funny as to how easy this "superboss" is..ok ok ok...I'm done. Next time...let's wind it up a notch! 9/10
Xaldin KHD
KH2 icon Medium Learn Depends OK, bring it on...Elvis Presley???. Ok for a guy with lots of dreadlocks..."dread" is pretty into this fight. For once, he WILL NOT give you room to breathe, he will assault left and to jump and get those "Learn" till 9 then kill off an entire bar. Next would be his ultimate attack....pffttt for such a no breathing room boss, his only ultimate attack is the thing to give you room and his way of reflecting that REFLECT. Just keep your MP there to be handy then boom reflect that dragon wind attack, then go back to learn and pummel him. For beginners your gonna die A LOT, but use Learn a lot and to counteract it, come the last bar, he'll repeat everything but is much faster and his defense is risen immensely, just keep those "Learn" and hit when necessary. Also use Genie when you get the chance to NOT to lose your life, he can be a lifesaver sometimes. He's a hard foe, but if you deal continuous amounts of damage under a chain, he's putty on your hands. His ultimate attack is your ONLY reprieve as Reflect can easily counteract his huge spike in damage. Xaldin is no pushover, but of those who can handle long range attackers...this battle is a gonna be easy. <Dr. C.C takes a Popsicle> I mentioned that he looks like Elvis.........well come on his dreadlocks is the main reason ain't it????? time.....bring on a huge Heartless...ohhh and got a message from Lore to Chainoffire *ahem* "If you think reviewing School Days will trip me over, think again!"...hmmmmm the idiot is actually thinking for once... 9/10
Behemoth KH
KH1 icon EASY GET UP ON THE BEHEMOTH'S BACK!!! Like taking a key from a sleeping Sora... Dr. C.C: ok really THIS is the next offering...THIS BIG GUY??? I really have to do this??..urghhh fine. Behemoth is one easy opponent (and HE protects one of the more important Keyholes SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY!!!!!!'s like a balloon having a target painted on it's poofy thing urghhhhh...). Anyways, this guy is simple...WACK THAT HORN...get up and wack it until dead...simple, as for all his attacks...well their all dodgable, just dodge when he attacks and attack when he's bored...simple. Just watch out for his dark spore and stomp attack as he is however a heavy hitter. Ok done???...ohhh and I should point out that this "BOSS" is more or a less a tank with no brains...ohh and if you can damage the horn enough...he will go unconscious for a few seconds so that means you can wail on him more. Just one word of careful of your footing and surroundings as if he corners you you can go to 1 HP quickly so dodge as often and attack when he's out on the open. Ok NOW DONE...can I go now...
LA: *ahem*
Dr. C.C: Oh hai LA...wat do you want???
LA: Interview-ish???
LA: Yes...
Dr. C.C: fine >_>
LA: Favourite OP of all time?
Dr. C.C:

LA: o.o.....ummmm ok........favourite anime??
Dr. C.C: Yuru Yuri and Sakura Trick
LA: Ok...and finally favourite anime character of all time???...
Dr. C.C: Saki Miyanaga from Saki and Yuu Sonoda from Sakura Trick
LA: ....................................................................
Dr. C.C: can I go now...
LA: your next boss??
Dr. C.C: Ohh right....*ahem*...time to face 5 parts of a boss!!! (Original version)
Guard Armor
Guard Armor KH
KH1 icon Medium None Wake Up Boss 1#? Ok so 5 parts...wait scratch that it's 3 parts...the body, legs and arms. This guy at first is hard, trying to both dodge and attack at the same time. strategy is keep a cool head and eliminate each body part then head for the body last. Just watch out for the legs' foot stomps, the arms swinging and the body's ...body haymaker?. Since each body part releases some HP balls, best to go for this strategy.
Dr. C.C: Still find the arms to the most chore to kill though...
LA: the legs in LA's opinion
Dr. C.C: Finally since this boss has you FINALLY accompanied by some allies, Donald and Goofy can help immensely as long as they can attack as much as possible, you just go for the kill. and one more thing, just watch out when the body revs up, dodge it then continue to kill it. Other than that it's a simple matter of dodge and attack...the less body parts, the easier it gets. Next time.....watery deluge???...ohh it's that slacker with that weird slicked hair...pffffftftttt

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