The Keyhole


DeathNote in KHIII....kowaii

Just a thought, DeathNote in KHIII.

Sora along with Light Yagami and Ryuk in which Sora CAN SEE HIM, while Riku is with L and soon after the SPK, Sora thinks Light's good etc...while Riku gets the whole load down. While Kair is with that a good idea???. Sora and Riku can also defeat Pages from the DeathNote....DeathNote Dream Eaters/Nobodies/Heartless/whatever monsters.......

However Sora would get suspicious of Light with all the killings and also meet up with L and Riku.

After ******************** death, Riku meets up with Near and the SPK, Sora joins with Riku and well the story unfolds as per DeathNote......Heck add in a Yotsuba gag scene with Sora running into the Yotsuba secret meeting *cough* Matsuda *cough*. Maybe a minigame with Sora or Riku catering to L with sweets hehehe.......


DeathNote in itself is a Dark and Edgy anime, with the "dark and edgier". KHIII, I doubt but something on my mind tis all........

But tis is a pipe dream............

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