Alright, LA knows LA used to do this in LA's anime extra's but LA wants to bring in more through these blogs.

Whether LA will do up'll depend.

The rules for this quiz are that you have to answer them on LA's talk page right here, also ONCE you answered them on LA's talk page expect your answers to be "erased" so that others won't be see and cheat. LA WILL post the results on THIS blog by the way.

The questions are a mix of general knowledge towards anime as well as LA's anime extras.

Let's start...

1. Index, Maria Takayama, Sovereignty and Yashiro Hoshimiya...who voices these characters?

  • A) Ai Kayano
  • B) Yuka Iguchi
  • C) Kana Hanazawa
  • D) Yoko Hisaka

2. Who sung the ending theme "Serment" from Shakugan no Shana III?

  • A) Ali Project
  • B) Kalafina
  • C) Mami Kawada

3. Which anime won LA's 300th anime ceremony's "Worst Anime Award"

4. Which idol is LA's favourite iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls of all time?

  • A) Makino Yagami
  • B) Anastasia
  • C) Mizuki Kawashima
  • D) Rin Shibuya

5. Which one of these animes are NOT produced by JC Staff?

  • A) Shakugan no Shana
  • B) Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
  • C) No Game, No Life
  • D) Toradora!

6. SHAFT has a tendency to make their characters ________

  • A) slap their own face
  • B) tilt their head
  • C) have wacky hair
  • D) have no ears

7. Cardcaptor Sakura's mascot "Kero" full name is?

  • A) Keroberos
  • B) Cerberus
  • C) Kerberos
  • D) Cerberuos

8. In the anime "Soul Eater" people can able to turn into...

  • A) the internet
  • B) weapons
  • C) books
  • D) food

9. Wilhelmina Carmel regularly wears...

  • A) A Shinto garment
  • B) cat ears
  • C) glasses
  • D) maid outfit

10. Ayane Sakura is known to be a big fan to another seiyuu. Who's that seiyuu?

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