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400 Animes done, wow......LA is amazing LA is your anime god. celebrate, LA will be doing LA's 400th anime ceremony of the worst animes, openings, endings and seiyuu's here!...via. blog!. So grab a champagne ether and sit down...time for LA to get MC'ing!

Ground rules.

  • Any anime from Soul Eater to Elfen Lied will count to the anime winning, however for seiyuu's...any winners from BEST seiyuu or Up and coming seiyuu winners can't get it UNLESS you've ALREADY won Up and Coming seiyuu they can win the BEST seiyuu award
    • Any anime that did win previously however can't win in this ceremony
  • NO Nominations this time, it got to difficult to find nominations so LA will be removing them for this ceremony, instead we get straight into the winners
  • Finally for comments no swearing or trolling...this IS a special occasion and all, if there's something you'd like to discuss about LA's choices...go ahead


So let's start off with what else but Openings, the gateway into what anime your looking at is and what's so good than to look at the WORST opening and the winner is..............................


Rizelmine! wins. LA can't believe LA is saying this and this is especially towards Rie Kugimiya of all singers singing this but her singing via. Rizel and LA HATED Rizel's vocals. In terms of visuals, LA didn't give a damn the first time LA looked at it and from the second episode onwards, LA skipped the OP immediately. Wow way to go Rizelmine done fucked up for both the ANIME and your own god damn OP and your competition was Gunparade March's OP. Feck!.

Now to lighten the badness.....before we look at the BEST OP...time for...

The BEST VOCALIZED OP...the winner goes to......

Nisekoi: OP

What can LA say LiSA went crazy and DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN those vocals are good (the clip here LiSA's vocals are tweeked so that Youtube can upload it...-sigh- anyways) GREAT even...from the highs to even more spontaneous of the OP's climax...this OP's vocals are just divine!!!.

Next on the OP's section we've gotttttttttttttttttttttttttt.....

The BEST VISUALIZED OP.......the winner goes to..............

Fate stay night Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season OP

It's FUCKING UFOTABLE...NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED LA say anymore just look at it!, you could probably hang any of these visuals on a god damn museum!. Point taken...beautifully taken.

And now time for the best OP award and the winner is.............................................

Mahouka OP

LA caved in guys...LA always kept thinking which anime OP was the best and with LA's other criteria of an anime OP LA would listen day in day out and THIS OP just kept coming up, from it's flashy visuals to FRICKIN' LiSA's vocals again....seriously. This OP kicked Railgun's sister's noise OP from it's pedestal (well that and rules of previous winners and all).

Anime Genres

Now some sub-rules goes into this section.

  • LA will be splitting this award section into 5 genres sections: Romance, Comedy, Action, Horror and "Best & Worst Anime"
    • Romance will cover Drama and Harem genres as one
    • Action will cover Shounen and Supernatural as well
    • Horror will cover Mystery as well
  • There will be a Best and Worst of each of the genre

Ok look at one of Anime genre's cliched genre...............ROMANCE


Alright let's look at LA's worst romance......and this will be rather predictable......*ahem* the winner is........


YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...without a doubt and predictable as hell LA would pick this, LA won't go into specifics...go look at LA's Rizelmine review, LA doesn't want to repeat LAself.....


Time for the BEST Romance.........*ahem* the winner is................




AAAAAAND time for the best comedy this time.....and the award goes to.................


HELLO PRISON SCHOOL AND LA LOVED IT, LA didn't care about the fanservice as it further helps how batshit crazy the amount of comedy this has, elements of slapstick and fanservice and with a rather intense plot for a rather simpler setting...LA was laughing OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER~

So what's the worst?...........well?


LA KNOWS...Rizelmine already won the WORST ROMANCE...but it also wins the WORST comedy as well...because pedophilia is FUNNY!!!...<sarcasm>YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH</sarcasm> NO!!!!...


Now time to look at the more actiony of the anime's...and well time for the WORST of the action anime. The winner is............


M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane, LA still has animosity towards this anime and was pretty much perfect for winning the WORST action anime, ya wanna know why?'s a dark depressing mech anime where....the mech battles are little to nothing thus we hardly have ANY battles worth it. It desperately TRIES to be Neon Genesis Evangelion..and utterly fails from an action element thus here we are.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNND now time for the best action anime?'s gonna be obvious buttt.....the winner as predictable as it is is.............


FATE STAY NIGHT UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS 2015...LA said it was predictable!...LA won't need to repeat LAself just look up LA's review on this series.......pure animation action heaven.


Well onto the the horrors of the worst horror anime and that "LUCKY" prize goes to...


Isuca counts, it has horror elements in it in the form of the demon monsters IT COUNTS. So why did Isuca win, because it put more emphasis on it's ecchi fanservice elements more than the horror elements and they are pretty cliche horror elements and it's pretty dull. Coupled with the fanservice just makes the horror utterly off...LA doesn't know what else to say but Isuca wins it just for that.

And going to the good side.....time for the best horror anime and this is gonna be rather surprising but it's........


Elfen Lied...yeah your surprised aren't ya?...oddly that an Arms anime won BOTH THE WORST AND BEST Horror anime award huh?. But ultimately Elfen Lied wins merely because of it's gore levels of blood and rather intimating characters that are threatening as hell. The plot and characters coupled with the horror/gore makes this horror anime a rather solid choice. Elfen Lied your "CUTTING IT" with this award.

Best & Worst

So you've been wondering what LA's WORST ANIME is from the past 400 anime LA has reviewed...and by all means you'll all wondering what LA is gonna rage about, will it be predictable or not?...what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it be what will it b-

Get on with it!


HELLO~!!!...and FUCK OFF~!!...This anime deserves the WORST anime this time round...just utterly terrible, it was PAINFUL than any other anime LA has watched and for more LA's Green Green'll know LA's plight.

And now time for the Best Anime as LA awkwardly segways into this..the winner is.....


LA have no words again...LA caved in again...Prison School WINS AGAIN!!!..DON'T JUDGE LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anime Company

Now here is the only section where LA will remove one of the rules, that being, the previous winners CAN win without further ado......let's look at the best anime company...that being......


WHAT DID YOU EXPECT, this company flipped it's shit from Shokugeki no Souma to LA's BEST ANIME Prison School to feck SHIMONETA was a whirlwind of WTF and it WORKED!!!??!?!??!...JC Staff deserves this and LA hopes that they can continue going like this...

On the other hand...let's move to the WORST anime company...that being..........


AAAAAAND this was gonna be predictable...LA really doesn't like this company right now, not even GONZO has done something like this and they sprung back with Sora ga Seiyuu!, diomedea is doing the same battle harem in a dystopian world filled with monsters trying to kill everyone schtick TOOOOOOOOOO MANNNNY TIMES...MOVE ON from that genre did it with Kantai Collection but seriously 3 of the same GOD DAMN animes consecutively spanning 3 seasons with horrible CGI?.....what can LA say but you got diomedea got a target and LA fired.


AAAAAAAND once again LA will be removing one rule for this section ONLY...LA will be allowing nominations this time. So let's look at the BEST Up and coming seiyuu nominations. The nominations are......

  • Nao Touyama
  • Shizuka Ishigami
  • Maaya Uchida
  • Rumi Ookubo

The WINNER is..................

Maaya Uchida

LA definitely has to give this award to her, ALL HER roles were outrageous smooth, dramatic and did LA already say dramatic and genki. Runner up goes to a tie to Nao Touyama and Shizuka Ishigami.

And now...time for the nominations for the Best Seiyuu...the nominations goes to..........

  • Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Saori Hayami
  • Shizuka Ito
  • Chiwa Saito

The winner is.................

Saori Hayami

LA just have to give her this award, she got extremely popular and although her vocal range s wildly similar to Mamiko Noto, she got her own niche of Kana Hanazawa vocal roles and she did HECK of a lot of them. Runner UP ONCE AGAIN goes to Miyuki Sawashiro 2nd time runner up...Miyuki Sawashiro will win some time.............tough competition is all LA is gonna say.

Ending Theme

Alright we're near the end...E.N.D...perfect segway!.

The best ending theme winner goes to..............

Kekkai Sensen ED

Jazzy and just god damn catchy!!!...what else can LA say???...

And that's the ceremony, LA knows that this ceremony is probably one of the shortest ceremony LA has had why?.....well LA's Youtube stuff, real life stuff and heck even Fall 2015 season anime restrained LA's time on this thus it had to be this short, if LA's 500th anime ceremony (if it ever comes to pass) gets "good timing" and more "detail"...LA will get on that and the more usual N00th anime ceremony, but that's LA's 400th anime ceremony. Now LA will look at this virtual envelope to look at LA's 401st anime...

<LA opens the envelope>

LA's 401st anime is............


And that's it for've been a wonderful set of users reading this. Might you give LA hope to carrying on going with these anime reviews.

Winners & Losers

Awards Winners Losers
BEST & WORST Opening Mahouka Koukou Rettousei Rizelmine
BEST VOCALIZED Opening Nisekoi: OP
BEST VISUALIZED Opening Fate stay night Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season
Romance Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Rizelmine
Comedy Prison School Rizelmine
Action Fate stay night Unlimited Blade Works (2015) M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane
Horror Elfen Lied Isuca
BEST & WORST ANIME Prison School Green Green
Anime Company JC Staff diomedea
Up & Coming Seiyuu Maaya Uchida
Best Seiyuu Saori Hayami
Ending Theme Kekkai Sensen

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