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    The State of NZ TV

    July 8, 2017 by LegendAqua

    Heya guys, it's been a VERY long time, well by the title of the blog, LA will be ranting about NZ TV....AGAIN. Why?...because LA recently watched a LAUGHABLE news story about "NZ TV violence and you should control what your kids are watching"...with just laughably inane examples.

    Brace yourself for some stupidity...because it seems stupidity gravitates to LA for some reason.

    Before LA begins, LA couldn't exactly write this kind of article in MAL...because MAL so this was the only place left, secondly and lastly, if the subject isn't KH related...well's a blog, LA can write about anything!.

    Ok so the news was talking about how TV violence (and by extension Internet pouring soo much content) is running rampant and should be controlle…

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  • LegendAqua
    02:04, April 15, 2016 (UTC)|stan=With LA's retirement, LA decided to bring some things to full circle, whether it be LA's anime stuff or KH days.

    If you wanted closure before LA's retirement, well here you go.....and go easter egg hunting for some of these info!


    • There is an aborted arc for LA's anime reviews on it's main page, the arc was about Producer who was mentioned a couple of times, well Producer was actually going to be a villain where Producer just kept giving LA worse and worse animes to review and then LA wanted to "defeat" Producer to the point so that LA wanted to change LA's style of reviewing. Why was this arc aborted?, well time and that LA's reviews immediately changed style while the process of this was going on thus it…
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    March 29, 2016 by LegendAqua
    LA is "sleeping"

    Alright here's LA's future plans...

    • LA will be "training" for a couple of weeks after the timer runs out, during that time LA will be in Myanimelist for the time being
    • After the "training" is done, LA will be going into full-time to both myanimelist and Youtube.

    LA: *ahem*, as Chain once said...

    LA: LA is again...bad at goodbyes...


    • ahem***...if you DO want to keep in contact with LA, here is the place for the time being, give or take 2-3 weeks later, LA's Youtube channel will be up and can talk to LA there privately, lastly, if LA doesn't respond, then LA's Gmail ( is the last resort.

    LA isn't dying...LA is just going to "sleep" in this world...that's all...*cough*

    UPDATE: Ok, so it's been 3 weeks and LA …
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    08:29, February 20, 2016 (UTC)|shana=Yes you read that right!!!...LA did it in 2015 and LA is gonna do it again this year...but in a similar way LA did LA's "400th Anime".

    So rules are kinda simple...take it like you will and start voting your nominations

    • The anime need to be in 12 episode-length or less (the reason for this is LA thought this through and if LA had to watch 2 anime BOTH at a 24-25 episode would take too long and thus take more than a month to's not just called Recommendation "Month" March 2016 for nothing)
    • Obviously any anime LA already looked at is already voided
    • NO Winter 2016 anime recommendations please, that will interwine with the first and second bullet point above (for taking PAST March to finis…
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    03:00, January 29, 2016 (UTC)|stan=So LA went into Youtube today and looked at several of LA's content creators get DMC notifications to disabled montization and custom thumbnail taken down and these are small communities within it that are getting these small complaints by BIG COMPANIES that are either shutting down channels without warning or doing what LA said above.

    Why is LA talking about this?...well because LA is currently in the realms of refurbishing LA's own channel and POURING MONEY TO IT, and seeing this scares me, not because "of the money", but that Youtube's copyright laws are soo broken right now that LA is even scared to get this off the ground. (eg. getting one video up then suddenly LA's channel is taken down etc.)

    LA is b…

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