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Who messed up my profile?

Kitster25 September 24, 2012 User blog:Kitster25

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Who messed up my profile?! I was looking at my talk bubbles i made when i scrolled up and found this:

I'm Kitster25, a huge fan (literally) of all the games

I'm awful at singing and dancing because I am so fat.

I'm homeschooled, (that means I will be socially awkward as an adult) which is the reason i'm usually on here.

I have no life, its true. You can ask anyone but they wont know me.

Sometimes, when no one is looking, I pretend that I actually have friends and make believe I can fly.

I think that negros should not have rights because they are black.

Jewish people really piss me off and I hate em.

I love all the characters (except the villains), espcially Sora, Roxas, and Ven.

My Kingdom Hearts characters. I made them up, because I have no other friends ):

Janette Jackson: Sora's sister, Riku's girlfriend, Kairi's best friend, Princess of Heart, Alexandra's somebody, Keyblade Wielder, and Keyblade Master (cause she didn't succumb to the darkness,unlike Sora,who did)

Crash Bryson III : Roxas's sister, Axel's girlfriend, Namine's and Xion best friend, Kiana's nobody, Keyblade Wielder, and ex-member of the Organization XIII

Melody Von Dittly: Ven's sister, Terra's girlfriend, Aqua's best friend, Keyblade Wielder, Keyblade Master (along with Aqua) and Vanessa's light half

Zoola McSandyvag: Vanitas's sister, Keyblade Wielder, and Aura's dark half

Whoever did this is gonna be in trouble. BIG trouble.

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