I found something called Sora's Adventures on YouTube. You have to check it out. Here's the 5 playlists (there's a 6th playlist, but it had a few deleted videos) about it:

Sora's Adventure Nighttime Wishes - YouTube

Sora Meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - YouTube

Sora's Adventure of Mickey and the Beanstalk - YouTube

sora meets Peter Pan - YouTube

Sora's Adventures of Sleeping Beauty - YouTube

Sora's Next Adventure:

Sora's Adventures of 101 Dalmatians (Animated)

More Sora's Adventures Coming Soon:

Sora Meets Dumbo

Sora's Adventures of The Little Mermaid

Sora's Adventures of Aladdin

Sora's Adventures of Lion King

Sora Meets Mulan

Sora Meets Cinderella

The people who are in Sora's group:





Jane (Peter Pan 2)

(This is going to sound crazy, but in Sora's Adventures, Jane (Peter Pan 2) and Alice are cousins)

Roxas (added from Sora's Adventures of Beauty and The Beast, was Beast's servant until Roxas told Beast he wasn't his servant no more, and is looking for Namine)

Villains from Kingdom Hearts in Sora's Adventures:

Saix (Sora Meets Peter Pan)

Larxene (Sora Meets Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

(Sora Meets Peter Pan, only mentioned by Saix)

Protagonists from Kingdom Hearts:

Namine (Sora's Adventures of Beauty and the Beast, only mentioned by Roxas)

(Sora's Adventures of Sleeping Beauty, was seen at Maleficent's Castle, refusing to hurt Sora and his friends, and was sent to another world)

Axel (Sora Meets Peter Pan)

(He is with the Lost Boys)

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