"Maybe we should go, Sora, before we start meddling. "

—Kiana to Sora

Kiana ​is the main protagonist's sister in the series, and is also a Keyblade wielder. She is a sweet girl who may seem girly at times, but is very aware of the importance of her and Sora's quest. She possesses a strong sense of justice and a good heart. At times she is smart and quick to anger when defending her friends and Sora, but she is always sincere about what she says and does. She has also been best friends with Riku and Kairi since she was a small girl.

Kiana is four during Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, fourteen years old at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, fifteen during the events of Kingdom Hearts II, and sixteen during the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. She lives on Destiny Islands with her best friends Kairi and Riku and her brother Sora, and all four of them dream to venture from Destiny Islands to find out what lies beyond. Kiana is also the original persona of Xikana, the second source of Xion's memories, and the carrier of Aura's heart. Kiana's name is derived from the Hawaiian word for "moon goddess or island princess".


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Sora, Riku, and Kiana are shown as best friends as they grow up. They are often seen around the islands battling with wooden swords, racing, and doing anything else that is competitive, while Kiana cheered Sora on. Some time prior to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Sora's and Kiana's newly born hearts encounters the injured hearts of Ventus and Aura and mend them, offering to help them restore their broken hearts until help is not needed. This allows them to form a connection with one another, and causes Vanitas's and Vanity's face to resemble Sora's and Kiana's.

By the time Kiana is four, she encountered Terra and Aqua, two Keyblade wielders of the generation before them, on separate occasions. They never spoke with Terra, but they have seen each other on Destiny Islands. Terra shows no interest in Sora or Kiana because he is unable to sense their potential, and is instead attracted to Riku. Aqua recognizes their friendship as hers to Terra, Ventus, and Aura and and tells Sora and Kiana to protect Riku if he were to fall into the hands of darkness, which they agree. Ventus and Aura had visited the islands multiple times, but had never met Sora and Kiana face to face.

Near the ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Sora, Riku, and Kiana rest on a beach. When they prepare to go home, Sora and Kiana suddenly feel sad and both shed a single tear. Riku tell them that perhaps someone from another world connected to them is sad somewhere and tells them to try to reach them. Sora and Kiana close their eyes and reach out, which results in them being sent to the Awakening and encountering Ventus's and Aura's lost hearts. They had lost their path and must return to slumber, though they are reluctant to do so and asks if they could become a part of Sora's and Kiana's hearts. Sora and Kiana accept the request saying that as long as they can make them happy by doing so, they are willing to.

Kingdom Hearts

"We've been having these weird thoughts lately… like, is any of this for real… or not?"

—Sora and Kiana, in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts

One year after the events of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, a mysterious little girl named Kairi came to their islands from a different place. She was adopted by the mayor, and Sora, Riku, and Kiana quickly became friends with her. Another day, Sora, Riku, and Kiana find a small, hidden cave on their islands. They search the "Secret Place" while discussing Kairi and the meteor shower that had recently fallen. They find a door with no handle at the back of the cave and, because they couldn't open it, they leave, but not before Riku sees the world's Keyhole.

During their childhood, Sora, Riku, Kiana, and Kairi often wonder about what lay beyond their small world. By the time they reach adolescence, they decide to build a raft, in the hopes of sailing to other worlds. The day when they start construction, Sora and Kiana doze off on the shore of the beach, and has an odd dream where they travel through an odd, dark realm and battle a massive dark creature. Sora and Kiana are awakened by Kairi, and they go to help get the provisions for the raft. However, the night before they set sail, a storm ravages the island along with a strange, dark force. Riku succumbs to the force, claiming he is not afraid of the darkness it so clearly embodied, while Sora and Kiana try and fail to save their friend from the darkness.

However, it is during the tempest that Sora and Kiana first unlock their potential as Keyblade wielders, summoning the power of the Kingdom Key to battle the Heartless that now infested their home. She and Sora battle the massive Heartless that they had fought in their dream as they make their way to the Secret Place where they find Kairi, who disappears when their bodies meet, forcing Sora and Kiana to battle the same dark creature from their dream. Sora and Kiana defeat the monster, but they are swept off the island and thrown into a Corridor of Darkness, which lands them in a world called Traverse Town.

In Traverse Town, Sora and Kiana meet Donald Duck and Goofy, the respective Royal Court Magician and Captain of the Royal Guard of Disney Castle. Under orders from The King, the pair are searching for two things: two mysterious 'keys' and a man called Leon. As the King has disappeared in his own quest, Donald and Goofy accompany Sora and Kiana and they start searching for their respective friends. In addition to that, Sora and Kiana find that their Keyblades might perhaps be the mysterious keys the King had asked them to find.

Sora and Kiana discover that Riku is also searching for Kairi, though neither of them can find her. Maleficent sees her chance and tells Riku that Sora and Kiana had replaced him and Kairi for Donald, Goofy, and the Keyblade. With this false knowledge, he sets out to find Kairi on his own as Sora and Kiana travel to a number of worlds to stop the Heartless. From there, Sora and Kiana lock the Keyholes out from the reach of the Darkness to protect the worlds' hearts.

Their quest allows them to make countless new friends while the power of their hearts increases, which also improves their Keyblade's power.

Upon reaching Hollow Bastion, Riku confronts Sora and Kiana and reveals to them that Riku himself was the true Keyblade master, explaining that Sora and Kiana "were just the delivery boy and girl". Riku then claims the Keyblade for his own. Despite their guilt at doing so, Donald and Goofy are forced to abandon Sora and Kiana because of the King's orders: to stay with whoever has the Keyblades. When Beast pulls himself up to continue to the castle, Sora and Kiana tell him to be careful due to his injuries. However, Beast shrugs off Sora's and Kiana's worries, saying that he would not leave before he completed what he'd come there for; to find Belle. When asked what he came for, Sora and Kiana realize that they need to show the same attitude as the Beast, and continue with him into the entrance hall of the castle.

There Sora and Kiana meet Riku, Goofy, and Donald once more. Feeling guilty, Donald and Goofy return to Sora's and Kiana's side. Riku then asks Sora and Kiana, "How do you intend to fight without a weapon?" to which Sora and Kiana answers, "We don't need the Keyblade. We've got a better weapon. Our hearts!". Riku taunts Sora and Kiana, calling their hearts pathetic and weak. Sora and Kiana proceed to tell him that their friends strengthen their hearts. At this, the Keyblades realize that Riku has turned to darkness, and Sora's and Kiana's hearts are far stronger than Riku's, so they return to Sora and Kiana. Enraged, Riku fights Sora and Kiana and loses. Furious at his weakness, he makes the mistake of listening to a mysterious man. Opening his heart fully to darkness, he allows himself to be possessed by this man.

After this, the party encounter Maleficent and defeat her. Using a Keyblade born of six of the Princesses of Hearts' hearts, Riku unlocks the darkness in her heart before stepping away through a Corridor of Darkness. She transforms into a black, fire-breathing dragon from the proliferation of darkness in her heart, but is again defeated and the Heartless swallow her heart. Further into the depths of Hollow Bastion, Sora and Kiana encounter Riku once more, and he calls himself "Ansem, Seeker of Darkness", who intends to find Kingdom Hearts itself. Although it is difficult fighting his best friend, Sora and Kiana emerge victorious in the struggle.

Kairi is revealed to be one of the Eight Princesses of Heart who possess the power to open the Final Keyhole that leads to Kingdom Hearts, but because her heart laid within Sora, it cannot open, as explained by "Ansem". Kiana is also revealed to be a Princess of Heart. In order to return Kairi's heart and wake her up, Sora uses the Keyblade of People's Hearts to remove both their hearts, sacrificing his humanity and becoming a Heartless, unknowingly creating Roxas, Xikana (Aura's heart came from Kiana, whose heart was linked with Sora's at the time, thus leaving Kiana's heart and body), and Namine, the Nobodies of Sora, Kiana, and Kairi respectively. When he manages to reunite with Kairi and Kiana after a brief stint as a Heartless, Kairi and Kiana use their lights to restore his human form.

After regrouping in Traverse Town, Sora and Kiana decide to return to Hollow Bastion to seal the Final Keyhole while they try to reclaim Riku from the clutches of "Ansem". Kairi gives Sora her lucky charm (Oathkeeper's keychain) since Kiana and Sora insists that she should stay behind, even joking that she would be in their way.

Sora, Kiana, Donald, and Goofy set sail to Hollow Bastion and seal the Final Keyhole after a battle with a powerful Heartless. The six Princesses of Heart then inform them of a new darkness approaching, and the four travel to End of the World, the "Heartless world" of all the worlds that fell into darkness, where they confront and defeat "Ansem" once and for all. "Ansem", defeated, calls forth to Kingdom Hearts to fill him with the power of darkness, but Sora and Kiana proclaim that Kingdom Hearts is not darkness, but light, and "Ansem" is destroyed by the said light.

However, Heartless begin to swarm inside of the door and Sora, Kiana, Donald, and Goofy rush forward to close it. As they attempt to close the Door to Darkness, Riku and King Mickey appear on the other side of the door and together, King Mickey, Sora, and Kiana seal it from both sides with Sora's and Kiana's Keyblades from the Realm of light and Mickey's Keyblade from the Realm of Darkness. However, Mickey and Riku become trapped behind the door as it closed shut. Riku's last words to Sora and Kiana before it closed are "Take care of her", referring to Kairi.

As the worlds begin to restore themselves, Sora and Kiana see Kairi on a platform of sand that is drifting away. Kairi, Sora, and Kiana are separated with Kairi going back to Destiny Islands. Sora and Kiana promise to return to her as soon as they find Riku and King Mickey.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

After being separated from their friends, Sora and Kiana wander down on a long, meandering path with Donald and Goofy searching for a way to find Riku and Mickey, encountering Pluto on the way. When they reach a crossroad and call it a night, a mysterious man in a long black hooded cloak appears and informs Sora and Kiana, "Along the road ahead lies something you need. However in order to claim it you must lose something that is dear to you". The man disappears and only one path remains. The four follow the path which leads them to a mysterious castle known as Castle Oblivion. They enter the castle hoping to pick up some clues as to the whereabouts of their friends only to discover, as they ascend the floors of the fortress, they are beginning to lose their memories and become more and more uncertain of what they are truly after. Even Jiminy's journal has been erased of its entries.

Little do they know, their memories are being manipulated by a mysterious organization that seek to capture and manipulate Sora and Kiana. To do this, they use Namine, a young "witch" who could rearrange the chains of memories in a person's mind and create new links between them. In order to make Sora and Kiana forget Kairi, Namine begins to replace their memories of Kairi with herself, partly because she is Kairi's Nobody and so is unable to completely erase her from Sora's and Kiana's memories. Meanwhile, a conflict between the members of the Organization lead to several encounters between Sora, Kiana, and Riku, whose memories of Kairi have also been replaced with ones containing Namine.

The four's uncertainty builds up to a point where they end up in Twilight Town, a place that Sora and Kiana is fairly certain that they have never been in, and thus should not exist in their memory. Organization member IV, Vexen, reveals that it is a place that exists on the other side of Sora's and Kiana's hearts, but is eliminated by Axel, another member of the Organization, before he can explain anything.

Axel ends up betraying Marluxia, the lord of Castle Oblivion, revealing that Marluxia and Larxene, the newest members of their group, intend to use Sora and Kiana to overthrow the Organization. Axel manipulates Namine into doing what she believes is right. Donald and Goofy try to reason with Sora and Kiana about the whole situation later, but Sora is so stubborn (Kiana just stood there, trying to talk between Sora and Donald and Goofy) that he separates from Donald and Goofy to go on his own with his sister.

On Destiny Islands, Sora and Kiana are touched to have finally found Namine, who tries to make them remember who was truly important to them. After taking one look at the lucky charm, it returns to its original form and Namine takes the temporary form of Kairi. Sora and Kiana escape the memory-based Destiny Islands and confront Namine, who reveals that she never existed in Sora's and Kiana's memory and that she has been replacing the person most important to them. Riku appears to them again and is again defeated by Sora and Kiana. When Sora and Kiana try to help the injured Riku, he attacks Sora and Kiana and gains the upper hand. Having left no choice, Namine uses her power to break Riku's memories, and it causes him to collapse. Larxene comes forth to eliminate Sora, Riku, and Kiana, who is revealed to actually be a Riku Replica, created by Vexen.

When Larxene is about to eliminate Sora and Kiana, Donald, and Goofy catch up to save them. Although Sora had been a jerk (while Kiana tried to stop the fighting) to go on his own with Kiana, they quickly forgive him and state how they would always stay together. Together, they defeat Larxene and Sora and Kiana forgive a regretful Namine for her actions. She promises to restore the memories of the four once they reach the 13th Floor of Castle Oblivion, where Marluxia is waiting for them. Axel attempts to destroy Marluxia himself, but then Marluxia uses Namine as a human shield. Sora and Kiana step in and defeat Axel. After finally catching up to them, Marluxia orders Namine to completely erase Sora's and Kiana's memory so he could make Sora and Kiana his puppets; Namine refuses, but Sora and Kiana order her to do so in order to protect her from Marluxia's wrath. Fortunately, the Riku Replica, its true memories returned after his false ones are broken, arrives and saves Namine before she was able to do so.

Then Sora, Kiana, Donald, and Goofy step into the thirteenth floor's dimension where they fight Marluxia in an incredible battle.

Once Marluxia was defeated, Namine asks that they step into Memory Pods that would rearrange their memories back to the way they were at the cost of breaking the links she created. She also informs him that the process will take some time, during which Sora, Kiana, Donald, and Goofy would sleep as their memories are slowly restored. While they know that they would forget Namine, Sora and Kiana promise her that while she was forgotten, she would remain somewhere in their hearts, never lost. And when they wake up, they would become friends for real.

Right before they went to sleep, Namine informs them that some of their memories are unreachable and asks them to remember Kairi, because their memory of her is the light that would bring them all back. Soraand Kiana then use most of the power of their memories to remember Kairi before going to sleep for real.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Namine's powers are unable to do much to fix the problems, however, as they later discover the existence of Roxas and Xikana, Sora's and Kiana's Nobodies, and Xion, a replica of Roxas and Xikana created from their leaked memories. As Roxas and Xikana and Sora and Kiana are connected, and Xion is created from their intertwined memories, Sora's and Kiana's lost memory pieces found their way inside Xion through Roxas and Xikana. This act causes Sora's and Kiana's memory restoration process to come to a complete stop.

The Organization intends to have Xion absorb Roxas and Xikana, forming a "new Sora and Kiana" under their control, an act that would erase Roxas and Xikana and make it impossible for the real Sora and Kiana to ever awaken. When Xion discovers this truth, she is willing to instead return to Sora and Kiana, saving them at the cost of her existence.

But before she can, Axel comes to take her back to Organization XIII, starting a fight which Xion loses. During her captivity, she is stored within machine-like devices and given new powers so she may be able to absorb Roxas and Xikana when the time comes.

Eventually, Roxas, Xikana, and Xion meet on the Clock Tower of Twilight Town, where she removes her hood, revealing that she now completely resembles Sora and Kiana, as a two-face (Kiana's face on the left, and Sora's face on the right) through the effects of their memory flow. Although she fights with all her strength, Roxas and Xikana defeat her in the end, and as she disappears and returns to her origin she asks Roxas and Xikana to free Kingdom Hearts from Xemnas's control.

Although Sora's and Kiana's lost memories are back where they should be, Roxas and Xikana, Sora's and Kiana's bodies and souls, are still on the loose, preventing Sora's and Kiana's complete restoration. Riku hunts Roxas and Xikana down and finds them just as they arrive at Memory's Skyscraper to attack the Organization. After an intense battle, Riku captures Roxas and Xikana, and brings them back to DiZ and Namine.

Kingdom Hearts II

"A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. We want to line the pieces up... yours and ours."

—Sora and Kiana in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II

One year later, Sora, Kiana, Donald, and Goofy awake in the basement of the Old Mansion located in Twilight Town with their former memories restored, although they cannot remember what happened in Castle Oblivion. But before they awake in Twilight Town, Roxas and Xikana come to see Sora and Kiana and eventually fuses with them. Continuing their journey to find Riku and King Mickey, they set out traveling across new worlds, meeting old friends and enemies from the original Kingdom Hearts game while also making new friends. They continue the battle against the Heartless and now a new threat, the remaining members of the Organization they encountered in Chain of Memories.

Soon after exploring Twilight Town, Sora, Kiana, and company head off to the Mysterious Tower and Sora and Kiana obtain new attire—on the advice of master sorcerer Yen Sid considering Sora's and Kiana's first game outfit to be "too small"—from Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. The new outfits enable Sora and Kiana to transform into their Drive Form and attain special powers for each of them. The source of the clothing's magic is linked to Sora's and Kiana's hearts, which is connected to everyone Sora and Kiana had befriended including Donald and Goofy. Sora and Kiana were referred to as the "Keys that connect everything" by Yen Sid which is how Namine's memory manipulation works.

Sora and Kiana express their determination to bring Riku back home with them to Destiny Islands, where Kairi is waiting for them. The quest gets more complicated when Kairi herself gets kidnapped by Axel. Pete (who works for the resurrected Maleficent) and Organization XIII are causing trouble in the other worlds, and King Mickey refuses to give information regarding Riku. Sora and Kiana must also discover why some of the members of Organization XIII address them as Roxas and Xikana even after they clearly state their names are Sora and Kiana. They travel to other worlds to find Riku and the King, help the worlds and stop Organization XIII. Their new journey brings them to meet up with some old friends and make new ones.

At one point in the storyline, Donald and Goofy's homeworld becomes infested with Heartless, which is rather unusual considering their world's protection, and Sora and Kiana visit their castle for the first time. While Donald and Goofy set out to warn the castle's residents about the danger, Sora and Kiana escort Queen Minnie to the audience chamber where the Cornerstone of Light is hidden under. They find out that Pete and Maleficent have found a doorway to Timeless River, a past timeline of their world before the castle was built. With some help from Merlin, Sora, Kiana, Donald, and Goofy travel through time and manage to stop Pete from destroying the Cornerstone of Light in the past, which also saves the castle for good.

Sora and Kiana, with the help of the Hayner, Pence, Olette (three friends of Roxas and Xikana in DiZ's simulated Twilight Town), and Axel (who sacrifices his existence), manages to find the route to the World That Never Was: which is the stronghold of the Organization, where Kingdom Hearts, created by gathering the countless hearts from the Heartless slain by Sora's and Kiana's Keyblades, resides. Soon after entering the world however, in the area of Memory's Skyscraper, Sora's and Kiana's group are ambushed by Samurai Nobodies and Sora and Kiana are forced into a showdown with Organization members, who turn out to be Roxas and Xikana (disguised in their former Organization XIII cloaks) on a platform of Awakening.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, you can fight Roxas and Xikana instead of watching the fight between Sora and Roxas and Kiana and Xikana as a cutscene. At the start of the fight Sora and Kiana ask who Roxas and Xikana are, and they answer "Someone from the dark.", then ask Sora and Kiana: "Tell us...Tell us why they picked you!".

As Roxas and Xikana are above and Sora and Kiana below, they see the picture of Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy (as the platform's design). Roxas and Xikana then say, "We see, that's why.", and continue the fight. Roxas and Xikana knock the Keyblades out of Sora's and Kiana's grasp, and as they go to retrieve it, Roxas and Xikana pin them down with their own Keyblades. Sora and Kiana then reach out for their Keyblades, which disappears and reappears in their hands, after which Sora and Kiana quickly strike while Roxas and Xikana stand shocked, not knowing how that happened.

Ultimately, Sora's and Kiana's control over their Keyblades gave them the edge over Roxas and Xikana, who collapse and reveal their faces. As Roxas and Alexandra and the scenery disappear, Roxas and Xikana say to Sora and Kiana "You make good others." Sora and Kiana reappear next to Donald and Goofy, who tell them that while they disappeared, they had to fight some Nobodies, and they continue towards the massive castle where Kairi awaits them.

Afterwards, Sora, Kiana, Donald, Goofy, and King Mickey storm the Castle in search of their friends. They meet Saïx at the Hall of Empty Melodies, who tells that Kingdom Hearts is near completion, and it only needed "one more dose from the Keyblade Bearers." He summons hordes of Shadows and disappears to go after Maleficent and Pete who were also in the castle. The Heartless overpower Sora and Kiana, but are destroyed by a rain of laser bullets. Sora and Kiana then engage in a battle with Xigbar and soon defeat him. They find Kairi and Riku (with the appearance of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, which is the price he paid to help Sora snd Kiana wake up).

Sora, Kiana, Riku, Kairi, Donald, and Goofy make it to the Proof of Existence of the Organization, in which there are only two places to go. They enter one of the odd pathways only to encounter Luxord. Although Luxord trap everyone but Sora and Kiana in cards, he is still defeated by the Keyblade masters. Next they enter Addled Impasse where they find Saïx staring up at the moon. Saïx points out that only Roxas and Xikana could have made it this far in one piece and Sora and Kiana get angry and prepare to attack him. Saïx blows Riku and Kairi away and uses the power of the moon to fight. After one of Sora's and Kiana's most difficult battles, Saïx is finally defeated. Sora and Kiana then question who Roxas and Xikana is and why they were constantly being called by those names, when Riku finally reveals to Sora and Kiana that Roxas and Xikana are their Nobodies.

With the mysteries of Roxas's and Xikana's identities finally solved, they continue on. Fighting their way up the winding paths of the Castle That Never Was, Sora, Kiana, Riku, and the others encounter King Mickey and DiZ, now revealed to be the former ruler of Radiant Garden, before it was taken over and renamed Hollow Bastion, Ansem the Wise, who was trying to absorb Kingdom Hearts into his machine and encode it as data. Xemnas appears to see who is tampering with Kingdom Hearts and finds his old teacher. Then Xemnas finally tells Sora, Kiana, and the others of his true plan, to make a Kingdom out of hearts. One that he would rule.

Unfortunately, Kingdom Hearts proved too strong for Ansem's machine, and with his final words, he tells Sora and Kiana the rest is up to them and tells Roxas and Xikana,"Roxas and Xikana, I doubt you can hear me but, I am sorry", before the machine explodes, taking Ansem with it. The energy released in the explosion destroys a good deal of Kingdom Hearts and reverts Riku's appearance to the way it was.

Near the pinnacle of the castle, Heartless appear in vast hordes. Maleficent and Pete show up and stall them while the party heads toward their final battle. When they reach the Altar of Naught at the pinnacle of the castle, they confront Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII. After a short conversation with the Nobody, Sora and Kiana are taken by Xemnas to the front of Memory's Skyscraper for a one-on-two battle. After an intense fight, Sora and Kiana defeats Xemnas and are transported back to their friends.

However, Xemnas appears again and, despite the protests of the group, enters and absorbs Kingdom Hearts. The party was in luck though, and by the will of the worlds a door to Kingdom Hearts is made. Sora, Kiana, Riku and the King open the door with their Keyblades, breaking the barrier separating them from Xemnas. The party enters but Sora, Kiana, Riku, Donald and Goofy become separated from King Mickey and Kairi because of Xemnas.

Inside, they discover that Kingdom Hearts was made by the Superior to look like the World That Never Was. They charge through and quickly get to Xemnas and battle him, with Xemnas in armor using the tactics of the rest of the Organization. After they seemingly defeat the Organization leader and return to the Altar of Naught, Roxas and Xikana emerge from Sora's and Kiana's bodies to speak with Namine before she fuses with Kairi. Before this, Namine opens a door to lead them out of the World That Never Was. They inform Sora and Kiana that whenever he, Kiana, and Kairi are together, Roxas, Xikana, and Namine will be together as well. Namine then joins with Kairi to complete herself, while Roxas and Xikana return to Sora's and Kiana's bodies making Sora and Kiana whole.

Unfortunately, before Sora, Kiana, and Riku can enter the Corridor, Xemnas attacks once again on the Captain's Seat of an enormous Dragon Nobody. In an epic air battle they manage to defeat this form of Xemnas as well. Riku is injured by Xemnas, who strikes at both with his Ethereal Blades. Falling through the air on the brink of defeat, Sora and Kiana, grab Riku's Keyblade and batters Xemnas with both. Returning it to Riku, they use a bolt of light and dark energy to finish off Xemnas.

Afterwards, Sora and Kiana must help Riku walk, as he sustained a heavy injury from one of Xemnas's Ethereal Blades. They wander through the eternal abyss, and eventually come to a dark beach under a pale moon, the Dark Margin. Resting at the shoreline, they discuss their adventures and friendship, and come to the conclusion that they did what they set out to do, and agreed that "If worlds are made of light and darkness, we'll be the darkness." The Realm of Light was safe, and they could now sit and let peace envelop them.

As they listen to the waves, a bottle containing a letter that Kairi wrote washes onto the shore. Riku picks it up, and, after reading it, gives it to Sora and Kiana, believing them to be the proper recipients. The letter reads: "Thinking of you, wherever you are.

We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend.

Now I will step forward to realize this wish.

And who knows: starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun.

There are many worlds, but they share the same sky —one sky, one destiny."


​ After Sora and Kiana read it, the door to light appears, and Sora, Kiana, and Riku use it to return to their home world: Destiny Islands.

Having brought Riku back home and reunited at last with all their friends in one piece, Sora and Kiana are finally able to return Kairi's lucky charm to her, saying "We-We're back!" and Kairi corrects them saying "You're home". Kairi extends her arm to Sora, and he grasps her hand, while Kiana grasps Sora's other hand and simultaneously returning the charm they kept for her all this time.

Some time later, Sora and Kiana are walking around in the Secret Cave. They smile while looking at all the pictures he, Kiana, Riku, and Kairi had drawn over the years. He glances down at the picture of Kairi and himself, while Kiana looks at the drawing she and Riku drew. Sora sees that Kairi drew the other half of a paopu fruit, and smiles to himself, while Kiana sees that Riku drew the other half of a paopu fruit, and smiles to herself, mimicking Kairi's actions from a year ago, Sora and Kiana ask Riku what he thinks the door to light was. Riku replies that it was Sora's and Kiana's hearts; "It's always closer than you think". Kairi runs up to them breathlessly and gives them a bottle she found, containing a letter from King Mickey. The four read the letter.

Kingdom Hearts coded

​ King Mickey digitizes Jiminy's Journal and creates digital copies of Sora and Kiana in order to investigate a strange message Jiminy found within it. The digital journal is corrupted by computer bugs in the form of data blocks, and the Data-Sora and Data-Kiana go through and eliminate them all, eventually discovering that it was Sora's own Heartless that had been corrupting the journal.

After defeating the Heartless, the Data-Sora and Data-Kiana goes even deeper and discover that Namine and Ansem had hidden data about those who were in suffering (Roxas, Xikana, Namine, Xion, Axel, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, and Aura) within the real Sora's and Kiana's memories. With this knowledge, King Mickey writes a letter to Sora and Kiana asking for them to go on a mission to save them. Later, Mickey meets with his old Master, Yen Sid, who reveals that with Ansem and Xemnas's defeat, Xehanort has returned, and that Sora, Riku, and Kiana must undergo the Mark of Mastery exam to properly combat him.

Blank Points

​ In Ansem and Aqua's encounter deep within the realm of darkness, it is revealed by Ansem that he has hidden his research (most likely the one concerning Kingdom Hearts and the realms of Light and Darkness) inside of Sora and Kiana, during their sleep in-between Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. He then proceeds to say that he would like to believe that "this boy and girl" will be the ones who will open the "right door" and save all of those whose lives were ruined by his research, including himself and Aqua. Later, after Sora and Kiana have received Mickey's newest letter, they sit on the paopu tree while holding the message from King Mickey, staring off into the sunset.

It is revealed that they have now read the contents of the message and must venture out on a new quest to find Terra, Aqua, Ventus, and Aura, as well as the others connected to them, and save them from their suffering. As they say goodbye to Kairi, she gives Sora and Kiana her Wayfinder again, telling them, "See you soon".

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

​ Sora, Riku, and Kiana are first seen at Destiny Islands in their Kingdom Hearts outfits, having been sent back by Yen Sid to the time shortly before their world falls to sleep. Sora and Kiana wonder how far the raft can take them. They soon begin to sail on the ocean, but they end up in a storm and undergo an attack by Ursula, who Sora and Kiana recognize. After the battle they end up in a whirlpool and get separated. A keyhole opens, allowing Sora, Riku, and Kiana entrance to the Sleeping Worlds.

After this a conversation between the kids and Yen Sid is shown. Yen Sid tells them about Master Xehanort and that the three of them should become Keyblade Masters in order to face this new threat. Sora and Kiana claim that even without taking the Mark of Mastery exam, no one can beat him. Yen Sid then sends them to the Realm of Sleep.

Sora and Kiana wake up in Traverse Town, and immediately go searching for Riku, though they run into Neku Sakuraba instead. Neku explains the concept of Dream Eaters to Sora and Kiana and leads them to the Third District, where a hooded figure attacks them. Sora and Kiana attempt to help Neku, but eventually falls asleep.

Sora and Kiana later wake up and chose to find Neku, discovering new areas of Traverse Town that they've never seen before. They meet Rhyme, who helps on their search for Neku; when they find him, Neku apologizes to Sora and Kiana. Rhyme suddenly disappears and more hooded figures appear, only to summon a giant Dream Eater, which Sora and Kiana defeat. Sora and Kiana then see a transparent Riku, who disappears into Young Xehanort. Joshua then appears with Rhyme and Neku, and Sora and Kiana realize that he and herself and Riku are parallel to each other.

Sora and Kiana travel to La Cité des Cloches, where Judge Claude Frollo stops them. He wonders if Sora and Kiana are gypsies, because of their unusual clothes and appearance. When Phoebus comes to tell that there are monsters on the loose, Sora and Kiana run to fight them and eventually meet Quasimodo, who saves Esmeralda. Sora, Kiana, and Phoebus follow them to Notre Dame's attics. After sometime, Sora and Kiana meet Phoebus and Quasimodo again and they travel to the Court of Miracles, where Sora and Kiana get knocked out by a Dream Eater, while Frollo takes Esmeralda away. Sora and Kiana wake up and travel back to the city, where Quasimodo saves Esmeralda. Sora and Kiana destroy a Dream Eater and see how Frollo falls to his defeat, while Phoebus saves Quasimodo from the same fate. In the cathedral, Sora and Kiana say farewell to Quasimodo and the others. When they are about to leave, Young Xehanort appears and calls them hypocrites for freeing one prisoner but keeping another. Vanitas's and Vanessa's images also appear beside Young Xehanort, making Sora and Kiana confused as the villain vanishes to the darkness and the Keyhole of Sleep appears. Sora and Kiana unlock it and wonder what Xehanort meant by saying their hearts are prisons.

Sora and Kiana then travel to The Grid, where they meet guards. When introducing themselves, guards try to take them prisoners, but Sora and Kiana escape. They meet Rinzler first, then is introduced as well to Kevin, Sam, and Quorra, who inform them that Rinzler is actually Tron. Believing that Tron remember them, Sora and Kiana are determined to meet him. With Quorra's help, Sora and Kiana find Rinzler and tells him to try and remember them; however, Rinzler attacks them and Quorra before fleeing. Young Xehanort then reappears, this time with Xemnas. Xemnas tells that Sora and Kiana have so many memories that can't be theirs alone. Sora and Kiana are then sent away by a strong wind, while Xemnas and Xehanort disappear. When meeting again with Rinzler and CLU, CLU tells Sora and Kiana that he will turn Rinzler back to Tron, if Sora and Kiana hand over their Keyblades. Sora and Kiana tell that they will not give them up since they give them the "chance to make everyone happy". CLU then sends Rinzler to attack Sora and Kiana. After a battle, Sora and Kiana try to remind Tron again, but CLU attempts to shoot them, causing Rinzler to push Sora and Kiana to safety before falling out of sight. CLU is then arrested and Sora and Kiana unlock The Grid's Keyhole of Sleep.

When Sora and Kiana arrive at The World That Never Was, where they land near Memory's Skyscraper and encounter Xigbar. Xigbar explains that Ansem, the brown robed man, had contact with Sora and Kiana when he first entered the Sleeping Worlds from Destiny Islands, allowing the Organization to track Sora and Kiana through their dreams and lead them to this world. Angered, Sora and Kiana blame Xigbar for what happened and prepare to fight, and Xigbar notes that they are glaring at him like Ventus and Aura always did, even calling Sora and Kiana as "Roxas and Alexandra". He then jumps above Sora and Kiana and fires twelve arrows around them, eleven of which spawn unknown hooded figures, and the remaining one spawning Young Xehanort, who offers his hand and tells Sora and Kiana to come with him. Sora and Kiana then immediately drop.

Sora and Kiana wake up, realizing they are at Destiny Islands, where Young Xehanort is sitting just next to them. They watch the other Young Xehanort, who meets "Ansem", who grants him abilities to time travel. "Ansem" then approaches Sora and Kiana, who shouts in fear. In the next scene, Sora, Kiana and Young Xehanort are still on the islands during nighttime. They see Sora and Kiana running into the secret cave and they talk a little until Kairi steps out from the cave towards Sora and Kiana. The next scene shows Sora and Kiana falling from the air with other Soras and Kianas. The real Sora and Kiana land on their feet and see the Sora and Kiana copies moving about Traverse Town. Young Xehanort talks to them about their journeys through Traverse Town.

Sora and Kiana then wake up at Dark City back in their Kingdom Hearts II attire. They immediately see Namine, who tries to run away from them, but Sora and Kiana grab her arm. Namine then turns into Xion. Sora and Kiana are unaware of her identity, yet unconsciously sheds a tear as she runs off. Sora and Kiana run after her, only to meet Roxas and Xikana. Roxas and Xikana tell Sora and Kiana that they should share all memories and emotions, but Sora and Kiana deny this by saying that Roxas and Xikana are just Roxas and Xikana and that they are not the same. They also think that Roxas and Alexandra should be able to exist by themselves. Roxas and Xikana are surprised, and shares their painful memories with Sora and Kiana before vanishing. Sora and Kiana start to blame Organization XIII for what they have done, but then they hear Riku's voice that warns them about chasing after illusions.

Sora and Kiana later meet Kairi and Riku who turn into Aqua and Terra. Sora and Kiana then turn into Ventus and Aura and stare at them. Aqua and Terra turn around and walk away and Ventus and Aura are trying to reach them, but they slow down and turn back into Sora and Kiana. Sora and Kiana then watch as Riku and Kairi vanish, changing into Terra and Aqua for a second. They then remember their meeting with Aqua, a long time ago.

Sora and Kiana meet Xigbar and Xemnas again and they have a conversation, where Xemnas reveals that Organization XIII was created in order to form the Thirteen Hearts of Darkness, which Master Xehanort could use in the future. Kingdom Hearts was created in order to move pieces of Xehanort's heart into thirteen vessels. However, Xemnas discovered that Nobodies actually can cultivate new hearts, so he and Xigbar left the others in the dark about this fact to maintain their loyality to their cause. Xigbar then reveals to Sora and Kiana that they are chosen to be the final vessels of Xehanort's heart, after which Sora and Kiana summon their Keyblades, saying "Connected hearts are our power." Then Kairi, Riku, Roxas, Xikana, Xion, Ventus, Aura, Aqua, Terra, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy appear behind them as illusions, stunning Xigbar, who tells Xemnas to take care of Sora and Kiana. After a fight, Sora is completely tired and lies on the ground with darkness surrounding his body, while Kiana was knocked unconscious for a long time and ended up lying on the ground. Young Xehanort then appears, telling him that his clothes feed the darkness within him, since, unlike Riku, Sora never made any protection against his inner darkness (i left Kiana out because she was a Princess of Heart, and never succumbed to the darkness).

Sora and Kiana are then seen sitting at Where Nothing Gathers. Riku and Mickey are attempting to save them, when Master Xehanort attempts to split Sora's and Kiana's hearts and make them one of his incarnations. Though Xemnas and Ansem subdue them, Lea appears and blocks Master Xehanort's attack. After that, Master Xehanort, along with his new Organization XIII, vanishes. Riku, Lea, and the others return to the Mysterious Tower, where Yen Sid sends Riku into Sora's and Kiana's hearts in order to save them from falling into darkness. Whilst there, Riku discovers that Roxas, Xikana, Ventus, Aura, and Xion still reside within Sora's and Kiana's hearts, as does a copy of Ansem the Wise.

After that, Sora and Kiana wake up and he, Kiana, Donald, and Goofy have a party; Riku wakes up and Sora and Kiana hug him, relieved his friends are okay as well. Yen Sid then tells them that only Riku and Kiana passed the Mark of Mastery. Sora, however, does not appear to be sad at all, and he even congratulates Riku and Kiana. Lea then reveals that he also has a Keyblade and that he will help them in the near future. Sora and Kiana then return to the Realm of Sleep in order to re-take the test. Upon arriving in Traverse Town, they meet all the Spirit Dream Eaters they became friends with.

In the secret ending, Goofy and Donald are wondering where Sora and Kiana are since they are late.


Kiana has a brave personality, meaning she'll willingly risk her life for people she doesn't even know yet, as shown when she tries to save Ansem the Wise from the explosion, to no avail. She's extremely loyal to her friends, and has been shown to be extremely forgiving to Riku (even forgiving Riku for the times he has tried to kill her), and is highly protective of Sora. She constantly thinks positive and is highly optimistic. Throughout her journeys, she readily puts aside her own personal goals to help those in need.

Kiana is an upbeat girl, and although she is girly at times, she has a strong sense of justice. Kiana has matured over a year's time, for instance, when battling enemies in the game, she seems to have a more serious expression on her face. Kiana is more confident than before and takes charge of her's and Sora's group. She is also quite caring and reassuring to her other-world friends such as when Beast quits after Xaldin steals his rose. Both Kiana and Sora reassured him that they would get it back.

Kiana seems to have a remarkable capacity to forgive, even to her sworn enemies; when Maleficent loses control of the Heartless to Organization XIII and is overwhelmed by Dusks in order to allow her group to escape, Kiana is clearly concerned for her and is only stopped from helping her by being restrained by Donald.

Another prominent example is when she forgives Namine for rewriting the majority of her's and Sora's memories, despite the severity of her doings. More examples would be when she shows gratefulness towards Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, despite all the harm he had caused, for saving Kairi's life, unaware that he is actually a disguised Riku, and when she forgives Axel for kidnapping Kairi and even remains by his side as he fades from existence.

In Kingdom Hearts, she puts Riku and Kairi above all else; when telling Tarzan which friends she is missing, she starts to mention Donald and Goofy, but stops herself and instead says she is looking for Kairi and Riku. However, another reason for this could be that Sora had an argument with Donald (she tried to tell them to stop arguing, but gave up) before crashing into the tree house in Deep Jungle, which is further expanded on by the fact that she refers to Donald as "the loud one".

However, Sora and Donald at first appear to be genuinely happy to see each other after they reunite at Jane Porter's campsite before turing their backs on each other, leaving Kiana suprised, proving once more her capacity to forgive. In Kingdom Hearts II, she puts all four of them on an equal level. A prominent example of this is when Goofy is apparently fatally injured after getting hit in the head by a rock during the Battle of Hollow Bastion; Kiana is clearly traumatized by Goofy's apparent death, and utters, "Goofy, please don't die on us. Not right now. ".

On the other hand, Kiana shows a lot of tolerance for cowardice and selfishness, not criticizing both Hades and Iago for being cowardly and selfish, though ultimately telling Sora to forgive the latter when he proved genuinely sorry for his actions.

Like some girls her age, Kiana cheers for Sora, rather than compete with him and Riku. When she cheered for Sora when he asked to fight Hercules alone in the Hercules Cup, Donald called her a fan of Sora, and Goofy says in Chain of Memories, "Whenever there's a contest, you're always gonna cheer for Sora". She doesn't like to be called a kid, but prefers to be called Kiana.

Kiana is also very smart. For example, she already knew Mulan's attempt at passing for a man; proceeding this, Mushu stated that Kiana "was not stupid". Ironically, she dosen't let her enemies fool her easily. An example would be when she didn't fall for Xemnas's attempt to play on Kiana's sympathetic side, which was far more convincing than Mulan's attempt to appear as a man.

Kiana is often quick to anger whenever she's sad, and is quite angry at times. She can also be seen as quite patient, as she tends to wait before jumping into things while thinking them through beforehand. While being girly at times, she has a strong sense of justice, like when she proves Alice's innocence by finding pieces of evidence around Wonderland.

Kiana also shows somewhat of a liking to sea pirates during their first visit to Port Royal, wherein she is excited to meet Captain Jack Sparrow and even states that she hopes that they would be able to "take a pirate ship out for a spin" (though she tells Donald and Goofy that she was merely joking about it). Of course, she likely gets over this after Captain Barbossa double-crosses them.

Strangely enough, she doesn't show this liking for Captain Hook or his pirate ship, probably due to the fact that Hook was holding both Kairi and Wendy captive on the ship. She was also eager to meet Santa Claus during their first visit to Halloween Town in Kingdom Hearts II (and she also shows lots of excitement when Santa told her about when she announced to everybody that she truly believed in Santa Claus).

On occasion in Kingdom Hearts II, Kiana seems to intentionally show respect towards people of higher authority than herself upon meeting them. For example, when meeting Yen Sid, Kiana, Donald, and Goofy respectfully bow to him, while Sora greets him by simply saying, "Hey there!". Goofy and Kiana are clearly shocked by this, and Donald shouts at him to show some respect. When meeting Queen Minnie, Kiana bows to her, while Sora simply asks, "Where's the King?". This leads to Kiana giving him a look that means "Show some respect, Sora" and Donald grabbing him by the ear and asking Minnie to excuse him.

When Sora and King Mickey were disputing about Ansem's identity, Sora, thinking that he has forgotten who Ansem is, drags King Mickey by the arm in order to show him the portrait of Xehanort in Ansem's study, while Kiana shot Sora a look that means "Don't drag King Mickey like that, Sora!" However, when meeting Princess Jasmine again in Kingdom Hearts II, she bows to her, along with Sora (who finally learned to bow), Donald, and Goofy. She, Sora, Donald, and Goofy bow in respect to Simba as the new king during their second visit to the Pride Lands.


Kiana first starts off having the same height and body bulid as Kairi. Nonetheless, she looks like both Sora and Kairi. She seems to portray more of a teenage girl's looks. Kiana had short dark brown hair (the same length as Kairi's hair. But in Kingdom Hearts II, her hair grew the same length as Kairi's hair) along with dark brown eyes. Kiana's appearance doesn't change that much throughout the series besides growing the same length as Kairi, a slightly different hair style, tanner skin, a beautiful talking and singing voice, and having more matured looks. Kiana goes through many costume changes throughout the series.

Her original outfit looks like Kairi's outfit, containing red slip-on shoes with black caps, a red top with a black one underneath, black biker shorts underneath a red skirt with a black belt, a red choker, a black wristband as well as a red arm band on her left arm, a pair of bracelets on her right arm, and a necklace with a gold bead. This outfit is the main outfit in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Interestingly, after watching Sora use the Keyblade of People's Hearts to free Kairi's heart, her hair and Sora's hair appear to be lighter. Using Donald's magic, her appearance is changed to that of Vampiress Form and Mermaid Form in certain worlds.

In certain scenes in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, a younger version of Kiana appears. As a child, Kiana's hair pretty much stayed the same color, and it was the same length as Kairi's hair. Clothing-wise, Kiana wore a black apron-like shirt with red flowers and a red line across the chest, a red skirt with a black line on it and large, black shoes with red lines on them.

Her outfit considerably changes in Kingdom Hearts II as it turns into a black strapless mini-dress made up of three zippers (two appear to be just decorative) as well as a white halter top underneath the mini-dress with a white hood. The outfit also sports three bracelets that go on the left wrist, a white belt reminiscent of suspenders with a note book shaped bag attachment, and black sneakers. For a short while in Twilight Town, she does wear her first outfit. With the institution of Drive Forms, her outfit can turn into different appearances for Valor Form, Limit Form, Anti Form, Wisdom Form, Master Form, and Final Form.

While she retains her appearance in most worlds, in certain worlds Kiana's appearance is altered, either by Donald's magic or her magical Kingdom Hearts II outfit, in order to allow herself to blend in with the inhabitants of those worlds.

Her appearance alterations are listed here:

  • In Atlantica (in her first visit), Kiana takes on the appearance of a mermaid with a red dolphin tail, red seashells, and a dorsal fin rather than a fish tail. In her second visit, she has a black dolphin tail, black seashells. While in this form, Kiana can breathe underwater and swim much faster than she can in her human form, and also move up and down. Kiana cannot Drive or Summon in this form; in Kingdom Hearts II, she is unable to attack at all, seeing as the world has been altered to progressing the story through musical numbers.
  • In Halloween Town, Kiana takes on the appearance of a vampire princess with a pumpkin-like mask over one side of her face, complete with fangs and bat-like wings, and a gold crown to top it all off. This form has no special abilities. When in Drive Form, her mask changes rather than her clothes (a devil-mask slightly reminiscent of a Bomb for Valor Form, a Black Mage-like mask for Wisdom Form, a splicing of both for Master Form, a gold crown for Final Form, a heart for Limit Form, and a Shadow Heartless for Anti Form). In this form, the appearance of Kiana's Keyblade also changes to greyish tones to match the surroundings of Halloween Town.
  • In Christmas Town in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, her attire changes from a vampiress to a black Mrs. Santa Claus outfit. When in Drive Form, aside from her aura, movement and manner of Keyblade wielding, the color of the hat will slightly tint to match the corresponding Form. Additionally, the symbols of the corresponding Form will appear on the hat: a red Fleur-de-lis for Valor, a blue flame for Wisdom, a gold cross for Master, a silver N-shaped rune for Final, a whitish crown for Limit, and a Heartless emblem for Anti Form.
  • In the Timeless River, Kiana's appearance changes to mirror the style of 1920s-era Disney cartoons. Her skin and clothing are black-and-white, her arms and legs are long and scrawny, and she, like all other characters in this world, has taken on her very first appearance design (from the original Kingdom Hearts). She has no special abilities in this form, and when Driving, the icon of Kiana by the HP Bar tints color slightly on the outline to reflect the Form transformed into, apart from the aura, manner of movement and Keyblade wielding that each Form displays; red for Valor, blue for Wisdom, yellow for Master, and white for Final. For Anti Form, however, she merely turns into a black cartoonish shadow of herself. For Limit Form in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, her icon is tinted purple.
  • In the Pride Lands, Kiana is transformed into a brown-furred lion cub. She has no mane, though she retains her gold-bead necklace. She wields the Keyblade in her mouth. While Kiana is unable to Drive or perform Summons in this form, she can move with greatly increased speed and agility. The Dash ability in this form is identical to the Mermaid Kick in Atlantica.
  • In Space Paranoids, Kiana is converted into a data form, wearing a robot-like armored dress with blue circuit patterns all over the dress. In this form, the appearance of Kiana's Keyblade also is changed to have glowing blue circuit lines as well. Kiana has no special abilities in this form, and when Driving, Kiana's circuit lines change color to reflect the Form transformed into (i.e. red for Valor Form, dark blue for Wisdom Form, yellow for Master form, white for Final Form and black with dark purple circuits for Anti Form. For Limit form, the circuits use Limit Form's colors and, unlike the other forms, are arranged as such, i.e. silver torso, red dress and yellow shoes).

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Kiana's new outfit combines elements from her attire in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. The new outfit contains a red top with a white "X" on the front and a black one underneath, black biker shorts underneath a red skirt with a black belt, and red slip-on shoes with black caps. It also featured a red choker, a black wristband as well as a red arm band on her left arm and a pair of bracelets on her right arm.


Powers as a Princess of Heart

Because Kiana is a Princess of Heart, her heart possesses no darkness within it, leading to the unique birth of Xikana when Aura's heart came out from her, leaving Kiana's heart and body. Should her heart be lost, her body will remain in a dormant state until it returns.

  • Like the other princesses, she has the power to open the Final Keyhole to Kingdom Hearts in Hollow Bastion once she is gathered with the rest of the princesses. This could be considered as the princesses' main power.
  • Kiana also appears to have some kind of latent magical ability, as seen when she manages to help Kairi restore Sora's humanity after he becomes a Heartless. However, it could imply that she is only able to restore him because they share the strongest connection.
  • Since the other Princesses of Heart possess the abilities to hold back darkness and upgrade other people's powers, it is no doubt that Kiana can do so as well.
  • Aura cast a charm on Kiana in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep so that if she was ever captured by darkness, her light would lead her to the light of another (Sora).
  • She additionally has the ability to sense darkness, as the other Princesses of Heart are able to tell Sora of a great darkness nearby. It may also imply to why both she and Kairi were looking ill when Destiny Islands was devoured by the darkness before Kairi disappeared.


Kiana gained the ability to wield the Keyblade when she reached out her heart to Aura after sensing Aura's shattered heart. By joining her heart with Aura's she gained the ability to wield her own Keyblade, as well as Aura's.


  • "Sora, you're very good. Maybe even better than me."
  • "Sora, wait for me!"
  • "Maybe we should go, Sora, before we start meddling."
  • "We did it!"
  • "I wish i could've met Xikana."
  • "Go, Sora!"

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