I just listened to Disc 3 of the KH3D soundtrack(i don't have the soundtrack)and when i heard track 14,the music sounded familiar,i looked at the title and i was like:'Oh yeah,it's the Nutcracker!'.BTW,i was in the Nutcracker,but i had two small roles(i was a angel in the Nutcracker 2009,and a cloud in the Nutcracker 2010)and i never appeared for the rest of the second act.I have two program books(one from 2009 and 2010)and two dvds of the programs(2009 and 2010).I can list the music that appeared in the track:Waltz of the Flowers,Arabian/Coffee Dance,Russian/Peppermint Dance,Dance of the Reeds/Marzipan Dance,and Chinese/Tea Dance.Aren't i one lucky girl :)?BTW,there was this girl and boy who did the Sugar Plum Fairy and her cavalier.Their names are Nao Kusuzaki and Ian Casady.Nao Kusuzaki is from Ehime,Japan,and Ian Casady is from Marin County,Cailfornia.

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