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I'm getting a Nintendo 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm about get a Nintendo 3DS for my birthday.Do you wanna know what color it is:Midnight Purple!I was so happy that they had only one Midnight Purple,but i didn't get it.Why?Two words:My birthday.Why,you say? Three reasons:

1.I was born on August 25, 2000,so basically i'm 11 (about to be 12).

2.It's freakin' 2 1/2 months (i keep saying 3 months,but my grandma corrected me and said 2 1/2) away from May.

3.The english version of Kingdom Hearts 3D:Dream Drop Distance (which by the way i really want) comes out on July 31,i really hope they don't run out,because i really want it sooooooooooo badly for my birthday.

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