Hello users! I am Kingdomheartsaddict, but you can just call me Alyssa. I am making this blog today to bring to your attention what I have seen in my time here.

I know for a fact that wikis are an online resource that are expected to be correct, up-to-date, precise, and fun. I personally enjoy editing pages to make the information they contain correct, and I feel other users don't care. All I see in the wiki activity is talk about "The Puzzling Aqua" which I have only vague knowledge on, however I am aware it is a riddle game.

On a recent encounter with one user who I believe is an admin, he expressed to me that I shouldn't be editing a page of a character who doesn't have much of a story. While I was scrolling through articles, I found something to be incorrect. I changed it to the right information, and I found videos of the cutscene to confirm what I was putting in the paragraph before I clicked "published", just to be sure. Then, I saw this certain user revert it and give me warnings that "it's pointless to edit on a page like this.", which I argued the fact that even if this character isn't very important, that is no excuse for it to have the wrong information. But now, the page is locked from editing, after he put back the wrong details. What this comes accross as to me is that users on this wiki don't care. I'm not saying everybody, but from what I have seen, the majority of the members of this wiki just don't really care about making the articles here better.

What I'm saying is, I strongly encourage the memebrs of the Kingdom Hearts Wiki to be more productive in what we do. We are depended upon to verify the articles and pages created are as good as they can be. Thank you, if you actually read all this. :) Byee!

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